Viva is about a bored housewife in 1972 who gets sucked into the sexual revolution. Abandoned by her husband, Barbi is dragged into trouble by her girlfriend, who spouts women's lib as she gets Barbi to discard her bra and go out on the town. Barbi becomes a Red Riding Hood in a sea of wolves, and quickly learns a lot more than she wanted to about nudist camps, the hippie scene, orgies, bisexuality, sadism, drugs, and bohemia.

Two suburban couples experiment with sex, drugs and bohemia in early 1970's Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Viva torrent reviews

Joanne M (ag) wrote: i like all that battlin in dancin....

Ole J (kr) wrote: There are a few cool scenes, but trying to make a film a classic B-movie on purpose is not really possible, this doesn't have the caliber to be one at all anyway.

Pavandeep S (mx) wrote: A fascinating film by Agnes Varda and one where all Jacques Demy fans should watch.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Convoluted, yes. but worth seeing if you liked Chinatown. Probably would have been much better if Nicholson hadn't both starred and directed.

Harper C (nl) wrote: Great movie for anyone who like action, adventure, comedy or romance because this movie has envy thing

Richard D (br) wrote: An enjoyable bit of pulp. The mediocre special effects actually look quite a bit better on the Blu-Ray.

Grant F (ca) wrote: One of the most fascinating film I have seen in a few years. It has been about a year since I watched it last. I need to give it another go. Such a great film. Could see it being done on stage.

CharlesLouis T (ag) wrote: Intrigue de base et personnages aux motivations obscures. Christopher Lloyd est compltement sous-utilis dans son rle de mchant gnrique.

Jim P (ru) wrote: looks like Benicio is type cast as a Latin historical figure. Hugo Chavez next?

Rick S (br) wrote: Overhyped by today's standards. The emotion drives the film. Yet I cannot help but think some actual dialogue would add to the film and the complexity of the characters rather then just leaving it with a one note feeling. For its time, probably an engaging film. For today, a remake wouldn't hurt.