Viva Cuba

Viva Cuba

The friendship between two children is threatened by their parents’ differences. Malú is from a family that was upper-class before the Revolution and remains well-to-do through remittances from relatives overseas, and her single mother (Larisa Vega Alamar) does not want her to play with Jorgito, as she thinks his background coarse and commonplace. Jorgito’s mother (Luisa María Jiménez Rodríguez),

In a tale akin to Romeo and Juliet, the friendship between two children is threatened by their parents' differences. Malu is from an upper-class family and her single mother does not want ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (nl) wrote: Seriously? What a POS!

Chris G (gb) wrote: The odd sci-fi plot becomes so much more thanks to the stellar performances of it's four leads and the absolute heart behind the story.

Michelle W (gb) wrote: Quite a fine plot, i must say. Endearing... What is wrong with letting gay men take care of kids? I'd seen too many straight individuals who can't take care of their kids, so why not let those who love kids have kids?Anyway, love the whole movie, from beginning to end!

noah m (ca) wrote: Amazing performance by Jamie foxx however the film follows a basic format.

familiar s (kr) wrote: Might have appreciated it better had I not gone in with the assumption that it's about the school shooting (and what leads to it; a la "Klass") instead of the after-effects. But still, the movie is quite flawed for what it is. Tries to make a social commentary which gets lost somewhere in all the melodrama. The actress playing Alicia wears too much make-up for what her character requires. Fails to generate the emotional effect it should have aimed for and ends up as a teen drama (almost leaning towards a chick flick) overall. To worsen it all, it's unnecessarily lengthy. That could have been avoided in the very least. If you're looking for A LESSON IN EVIL, this isn't the right one. Having said that all, it's not as bad as some movies I've recently watched. "Go figure" as Alicia might have said!!

Nolan S (es) wrote: A non-stop action/animation sequel to the original 1985 film. The animation in this film flows beautifully with the intense story created for the film, and the English dub includes a powerful voice-acting cast that gives the characters more detail than the first. I recommend this film to both anime and vampire fans.

Ketutar J (ru) wrote: This is one of my first Chinese action movies. It IS "hyperkinetic", it has wonderful characters, humor and heroism and everything. In my mind it's better than Flying Daggers, Tiger, Dragon and Hero.

Hanen T (br) wrote: Very cool film describes and shows the brutality of the Berber Italians What he suffered Alepien can not be described in the film only History alone will remain a witness to the war, massacres, torture, colonialism, and steal the wealth of the people and rape women and kill children and the elderly Do you think the passage of time does not heal the wounds and a thousand not to wound but will be judged between us is Not only Libya, but all the countries that colonized to the present day

Keiko N (us) wrote: No Ninotchka. Astaire is too old for the role and the chemistry between him and Charisse isn't as good or believable as that between Garbo and Douglas. Charisse's dancing is divine, but the films isn't the best showcase of either dancer's talents.

Malcolm W (us) wrote: Absolute rubbish. Totally incoherent.

Roxanne C (es) wrote: Good movie, very entertaining and some funny parts. Every time I see Meaghan Rath in a movie she just gets better and better !