Viva Max

Viva Max

In order to prove his greatness to his unimpressed girlfriend, Mexican general Max (Peter Ustinov) takes a group of men across the border and recaptures the Alamo - international hijinks ensue!

When his girlfriend tells him that his men wouldn't follow him to a house of ill repute, Max, a general in the Mexican army decides to perform some great act of heroism. He takes his men ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Viva Max torrent reviews

Ajith A (es) wrote: the worst movie i ever seen

Collin R (ru) wrote: finally! a good movie lol I have been on such a bad streak with movies lately I was willing to try anything and this one even though slow at points its so smart and charming and full of great inspirational one liners

Carlos M (gb) wrote: An authentic and moving drama that takes a look at the life of a pre-Beatles 15-year-old John Lennon and mainly benefits from its sensitive narrative approach and remarkable performance by Aaron Johnson, who impresses us even if he looks nothing like the real John.

AD O (nl) wrote: another chicks with dicks flick. not bad, but not great. so much torment! glad i had my vag sewn up as a youngster.

Andres G (ru) wrote: fun movie to watch from time to time

Berni E (mx) wrote: Not sure how I had never seen it but it did make me chuckle and I now 'get' sooo many lines I have heard from friends over the years!!

Yaaynie K (kr) wrote: This movie sucks. It's a really stupid story. Ok, sure people watch to much tv. But hypnotic advertising and timelosing guns. Come one.

Brendan A (jp) wrote: Above average Creature Feature in which a pre "A-Team" Dirk Benedict becomes a guinea pig for a scientist experimenting with snake venom, which has hideous consequences. Well written and acted- this is a good time killer for B movie fans.

SV G (ca) wrote: This film adaption of the story Tomorrow and Tomorrow by writer William Faulkner (a favorite of mine) stars Robert Duvall in the lead character of Jackson Fentry, a lonely solitary man in Mississippi working as a caretaker until the day a pregnant woman finds her way to his door and changes his life. A simple yet beautiful story by Faulkner that was done quite well in this low budget film from nearly 40 yrs ago. If a fan of Faulkner's work or of Duvall and interested in his earlier work this odd but enjoyable little film might be for you.

Daniel K (au) wrote: 3: Wow, Visconti certainly knew how to make lush and romantic films concentrating on 19th Century Italy. This and The Leopard make a pretty potent one-two punch on Blu-Ray. Few films are more beautifully conceived. Everything on screen seems rich, vibrant, and expensive. Few stories are more tragic as well, to include Romeo & Juliet, although it is much more romantic. Visconti certainly seems to have had a preoccupation with the Austrian occupation of his country and with political and societal upheaval, or at least he knew how to effectively and magnificently depict it on screen. Senso is far less effective, epic, and sweeping than The Leopard, but it is still quite powerful in its own right. It's very possible I'm underrating it, but I was not bowled over by it. Farley Granger is superb. The ornate, gilded, and opulent sets and costumes simply saturate the screen. It's one of those pictures that truly deserve to be call end operatic (Moonstruck does not for instance) and not just because of the use of opera. The opening scene in the opera house was probably my favorite though. Senso is a very apt title. I kind of wish this could be combined with "In the Realm of the Senses"; that would be an interesting picture. I just realized that Visconti and Sirk were making very similar brilliant Technicolor melodramas around the same time an ocean apart. Sirk focused on 1950's or so White Suburban America though, whereas Visconti was solidly entrenched along with mid-19th century Italian nobility. I prefer Sirk.

Greg W (it) wrote: more like a crime drama than film noir but he thats me not very many shadows in this tale.

Kris B (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies!

Matthew M (es) wrote: War Horse is both emotionally gripping and surprisingly heartfelt - and it never feels manipulative thanks to Spielberg's confident and impressive direction that he always brings to the table, regardless of the film.

Bobby D (it) wrote: It's the end of the human race as we know it... based on the popular 1970's sci-fi it draws on some basic Trek like crew set-up but runs parallel to 1970's Battlestar Galactica and this big budgeted version draws a lot of influence from the 2003 version of BSG. Overall it's a depressing film as was the original cartoon as ultimately the human race is outgunned and out teched by a superior alien power. That is untill the Yamato is launched and seems to decimate the alien fleet, but the Yamato like the characters die by a thousand cuts. Overall I thought it was pretty good re-telling of the animated movie and I liked the aliens as the were truly surprising and seem to hark back to some 1950's sci-fi of just being so alien there really isn't away to understand them.