Viva Villa!

Viva Villa!

In this fictionalized biography, young Pancho Villa takes to the hills after killing an overseer in revenge for his father's death.

In this fictionalized biography, young Pancho Villa takes to the hills after killing an overseer in revenge for his father's death. In 1910, he befriends American reporter Johnny Sykes. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill C (mx) wrote: The mindless action meant my mind wandered elsewhere. Everytime something interesting threatened to happen another interminable CGI sequence derailed it. For fans of video games only.

Alex A (fr) wrote: The Kid with a Bike is a critically acclaimed bore, in my opinion of course. I couldn't finish this one due to the highly unlikable protagonist, who's backstory of orphanage isn't explored enough in my opinion, dull atmosphere, sloppy pace with certain scenes that dragged and overextended themselves, and at times the conflicts resembled a Lifetime movie. Giving credit where it's due, the performances are just fine and the drama works well, but as a whole The Kid with a Bike failed to connect with me.

Jeffrey M (de) wrote: Werner Herzog's, Happy People is yet another example of what makes him a good filmmaker. It's observant, beautifully shot, and restrained in its narration, letting the images and people speak for themselves. The film follows a group of trappers in the incredibly brutal and remote Siberian Taiga. So isolated, this area can only be reached by boat or helicopter, and only during certain times. Herzog captures this vastness beautifully, giving us expansive shots of the barren landscape, in its boldness and its breathtaking nature. Here we get intimate insights in to the men and women who brave this land, who, in their simplicity and assuredness, offer a lot of profound insight. Visually, the film is stunning, as Herzog's work tends to be. Here Herzog is able to put to film something that seems surreal, it is so foreign to us. It is always engaging, and features just the right mix of narration, images, and dialoged from the trappers. Herzog lets what they say unfold organically, and the shots he is able to captures are nothing short of astonishing.An excellent documentary.4/5 Stars

Byford T (es) wrote: Whatever will be, will be.

Niklas S (fr) wrote: Probably a perverts fantasy number one. Imagine waking up in a world filled with sexy pornstars that wants nothing more than to have sex with you all the time. This isn't the full plot of this comedy for then it would be an actuall porn flick. It actually has something to do with friendship and coming of age aswell. Funny and sexy. Watch it with your guy friends.

Yash B (ru) wrote: It's a fun movie that kids and adults can enjoy together. Visually impressive and full of mystery.

tp b (us) wrote: So lame that it's pathetic.

Eric R (fr) wrote: Not as good the second time around, but still holds some interest.

bloody w (nl) wrote: a very interesting film to say the least although not as good as 90s crime Titians like juice boyz n the hood or south central this movie still displays the reality that a gritty street life with no true ambitions will eventually lead to death. this film suffers from some plot holes but its nothing that can't be redeemed by the performance of the actors and the integrity this film has

Andrew G (gb) wrote: There's such thing as a film being so bad it's good, and I've heard that It Conquered the World is meant to be one. Unfortunately, I found it to be just plain bad. It's everything wrong with B-Movies of the 50's, and while I did enjoy the novelty of the creature effects, it didn't save the film from being poorly written and dull.

Nik B (ag) wrote: A WWII flick with a twist. We start in at an American base with many German prisoners of war. With many Germans already facing defeat and disillusionment, the US finds a way to recruit many of them to infiltrate the German army as spies for America. The movie is flimed entirely in Europe, which leads to some authenticity and interest. It's not quite the technicolor travelogue of "King Solomon's Mines", or even your average Elvis flick; but still. We meet one scallywag. A thief with Rutger Hauer type of swagger, he's sent on one then two missions and then we don't see him anymore. I wouldn't mind if he was just a set up to introduce the scenery, but it seemed like an interesting storyline that went away. Then we leave the camp all together and follow a new kid on his behind-enemy-lines trek through Germany. His mission is to find a secret base which will surrender to the Americans if they can find it. On his way, we meet some interesting characters. A sympathetic whore. An evil Nazi captain. There's a scene in a bar that's somewhat reminiscent of the bar scene in Inglourious Basterds. Same tension. It was an interesting view of the war. A guy who has sentimentality for his homeland while still staying true to his beliefs. Our hero was a traitor; the moral lesson was a gray one.

Vernon G (us) wrote: It's refreshing that a movie I remembered as funny over 25 years ago is still funny to me as an adult.

Mikael H (ca) wrote: ....yeah, well. It was fun to see Paul Giamatti chew the scenery, and - very importantly - the commanders yelled "loose", not "fire" to the archers.But aside from that, the plot was corny and predictable, the actors kinda phoned it in...and don't get me started on historical accuracies because....I mean...the Danes....really?

Ricky P (de) wrote: Intense, action filled and a whole lot of fun. Mission Impossible turns Tom Cruise into the action star he's known as today even if the plot does get confusing and convoluted