Vivir de pie. Las guerras de Cipriano Mera

Vivir de pie. Las guerras de Cipriano Mera

"LIVING ON YOUR FEET"' explores the personality of Cipriano Mera, and the ideals and feats of an era that turned his life into one great adventure, and made him the privileged protagonist ...

"LIVING ON YOUR FEET"' explores the personality of Cipriano Mera, and the ideals and feats of an era that turned his life into one great adventure, and made him the privileged protagonist ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vivir de pie. Las guerras de Cipriano Mera torrent reviews

Mahesh P (it) wrote: Some of the worst acting ever from Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan. Asin didn't have to do anything and barely had any screen time at all. The movie belongs to its music. Without the songs, this would be nothing at all. Story is fairly weak, and the execution could have been better. Second half seemed a little rushed.

intuciic (kr) wrote: woods. group of people in wrong place. and bunch of guys with guns, knives and awful desire for blood.

Ricardo H (ag) wrote: I thought it was boring and unoriginal

Ashleigh (kr) wrote: Omg!! This movie is about the funniest movie in the world! Haha I love Ralph Macchio in this movie! He was only 19 but he looked like he was 13 haha. I love Tommy Citera in this movie he is so funny he makes me laugh so hard. I love the way he talks. This movie has stupid boy humor Idk Why i love it so much i just find boy humor halarious. This movie really does Stick out like a Turd in a Punch bowl! haha

Tim S (au) wrote: Night of the Lepus has only one major thing going for it, which is camp and/or irony. The very idea of killer rabbits is preposterous and silly, and a venture that, shockingly, everyone (including DeForest Kelley, Stuart Whitman, Rory Calhoun, and Janet Leigh) thought would make for a very fine movie. In truth, it makes for a very bad movie. It feels like an echo of The Birds to me, which would explain Janet Leigh's presence in the film, but everything about it is just wrong. Rifftrax recently did a nice riffing on it that I recommend you should check out, but other than that, it's impossible to sit through this movie and take it seriously at all.

Mac J (au) wrote: Ranking the package films from best to worst, I put this one right smack dab in the middle. Still very good, although some segments are more forgettable than others. In fact, it's so similar to "Make Mine Music", I wonder why they didn't call it "Make Mine Music 2". Oh well, it doesn't matter because it's still a good movie. In fact, it also could've been called "Make Mine Music Improved" because the problems I had with that film are fixed in this one. I do recommend it to you if you haven't seen it because it's a good one.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: 'CAREFREE', directed by Mark Sandrich, a screwball comedy set to music, reunites the song and dance team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for the eighth time in a sort of welcome change from their previous efforts: Astaire plays a doctor, psychiatrist by profession, rather than his usual lovesick American dancer, although the doctor in question DOES have a talent for dancing. Rogers, breaking away from sophisticated humor, makes her mark in broader comedy. She's been funny before, usually sassy with nifty comebacks, but this time in the dizzy-dame mode--Hilarious and very stylish, this spellbinding art modern musical is a real experiment in RKO craftsmanship. the dream sequences to the song "I used to be color blind" were originally filmed in color but the release abandoned because RKO couldn't get the tech specs right and the cost was going to be too high for the budget already set. It was a great idea and today might have made CAREFREE a more enduring success as there is no color footage of them as a dancing pair until 1949 at MGM... Not Their Best But Better Than Most Musicals: Yam-O-Rama!!!

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Groucho's one-liners really carry this film since Chico has almost nothing to do the whole picture and Harpo really only gets a chance to shine at the very end of the film. It's not one of my favorite Marx brothers films so far.

Jamie I (fr) wrote: I forgot I was at a Coen Brother's movie until one of the characters (I won't say who) got shot in the face. John Malkovich has a drinking problem. Of course to the Mormons everyone has a drinking problem. One of the best lines of the flick. In summation everyone is sleeping with everyone else. This is explained to JK Simmons. He also says something to the effect of "let me know when this makes sense." His role in the film is tiny but he has the most profound statements. He describes the events of the film as a "clusterfuck." I'm sure you know that the lot of this movie revolves around CIA files but the massive fornication plays a role too. Amid all this there are two trips to Dermot Mulroney's new flick Coming Up Daisy. This film, of course, doesn't actually exist but it makes for one hilarious cameo. The flick is funny don't get me wrong but it's still a Coen Brothers flick so it's full of WTF! And sadly this review is jumbled, just like the movie. This movie easily reminded me why I love Brad Pitt. I think the man can be typecast as your hot action hero type (much like his wife, they are a hot action hero family) but this movie reminds you once again of the man's range (see12 Monkeys, that's Pitt's Oscar nominated role FYI). In Burn After Reading Brad Pitt's Chad is a music loving gym nut who prefers to bike places. Maybe you've seen his silly little dance in the trailer. This type of character is why I love Brad Pitt. Because he plays dreamboat well but in my opinion he plays nutter a little better. Burn After Reading is funny don't get me wrong but plenty of audible gasps escaped my mouth. So I guess if you like that OMG feeling with your laughter watch it. In the end I leave it up to you.

Chris H (jp) wrote: 5 out of 5 stars easy. Documentary perfection. Marlon reminds me of myself given my own lifelong experience with depression.