Vivir o morir

Vivir o morir


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Chelsea K (gb) wrote: Although the look of the film wasn't the best, it is still a pretty decent movie.

Emmanuel F (mx) wrote: Je crois que c'est la premire fois que j'apprcie Josiane Balasko dans un film. J'ai trouv qu'il y avait beaucoup de tendresse dans ce film. Avec des situations et des sentiments justes. La scne avec les deux gendarmes est gniale. Un bon moment surprise grce ce petit film dont j'attendais pas grand chose

Caitlin L (de) wrote: Such a sweet story. Thank god it had a happy ending.

Jordan D (gb) wrote: A poignant and deeply disturbing account of the Japanese siege and conquest of the Chinese city of Nanking and the massacre that ensued.

xGary X (es) wrote: A lone gunman rides into a small town being ravaged by a war between two rival gangs. In Japan. Yet another remake of Yojimbo (sort of!) it's more an amalgam of Yojimbo and its most celebrated cover version, A Fistful of Dollars. It's obvious why Quentin Tarantino got involved because it is EXACTLY the kind of idiosyncratic, genre-clashing cinematic remix that has become his bread and butter. Full of quirky characters, tongue in cheek humour and cartoon violence, SWD is really a super-stylized gangster movie that's both an affectionate homage and parody of the American western. Reminding me most of the post modern westerns of Robert Rodriguez and Sam Raimi's The Quick And The Dead, this semi-humorous update of a cinematic icon is also quite reminiscent of Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi. The biggest problem with it is Miike's decision to make the actors speak English; I can see why he did it, but the cast's grasp of the language is limited at best to the point where I had to switch the subtitles on (a fact that made me feel like an isolationist hick!) This obviously seriously compromises the dialogue and its delivery, which is fine during the action sequences but character driven drama goes straight out of the window. A bit like Hot Fuzz, it's probably a film that will be appreciated a lot more by an audience who get the references and if you can get past the language barrier (and I can see how some wouldn't) it's actually a lot of fun.

Wirkola F (jp) wrote: Interesante drama.Pero su version hispana le quita mucho el chiste.

Jonas L (ag) wrote: A good plot, good casting and interesting characters. This movie almost has it all. Even Kevin Costner actually leaves an impression... if you count out the scenes where he should have an actual emotion but anyways. Robert Duvall and Abraham Benrubi is in my opinion the best performers in this movie. I do have to say that Kevin have made a realy good work as the director but as I said earlier falls a bit in the acting.I recommend this higly since it's a fantastic tale and has good characters.

Zach S (es) wrote: A smart political satire that embody's the filthier side of politics. Travolta plays his role (Clinton?) as honestly and deceivingly as it's meant to be. The fact that this movie will probably be a silent, timeless classic says the worst for American politics.

Greg K (es) wrote: swear words make me laugh, apparently.