Viyah 70 Km

Viyah 70 Km


Viyah 70 KM is the story of Aman (Harish Verma), Sunny (Geeta Zaildar) and Lakha (Binnu Dhillon) who are college friends and have a different philosophy on marriage and girls. Aman says that single life is very interesting and will think about marriage after 8-10 years, Sunny says girls are fraud and should be away from them while Lakha’s dream is to become a dad as soon as possible. Preeti and Aman are always trying to put each other down and Lakha gets engaged to Priti. Somehow Aman and Sunny manage to break off their engagement and Lakha is furious and takes on the challenge to teach them a lesson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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