Vote for Huggett

Vote for Huggett

A firm of solicitors do battle with the head of the local council over a parcel of river front land, owned by the Huggett family, in order to build a lido/community center.

A firm of solicitors do battle with the head of the local council over a parcel of river front land, owned by the Huggett family, in order to build a lido/community center. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (au) wrote: All your favourite step up characters re unite (except the Tatum) for this fifth instalment in the series. You know what you're going to get from these films and this instalment for me is one of the better ones thanks largely to the returning briana evigan and her mid-rift and Adam sevanis moose. It's also a good advert for Vegas and made me wanna go back.

Seja P (it) wrote: one of the cutes family movie ever

Anita M (us) wrote: En horrorfantast som ikke har sett pumpkinhead gr jo ikke an s jeg valgte se denne i god tro at dette var originalen som jeg ble anbefalt, men nei,. Nei , nei, nei! Se ikke denne filmen, det er den ikke verdt.

Sanjay P (mx) wrote: Inspiring favourite movie

Kean C K (jp) wrote: A-(90%) movie. Blue-ray Disc. Contemplative and creepy. What is evil? It gives you freedom so that you can cease to care about anything. You would love no more but you would be free. A great movie about what evil truly is. It has another commercial version.....

David B (ca) wrote: This is one of those movies you have to watch just once and then put it aside for a year and then come back to it. Not because it is bad, but because it is very forgettable. I think it is the way the sequence of events have been either edited or the order they were scripted. I don't know? The plot just didn't seem very clear on the first viewing, but the second viewing fixed that. There are still some unanswered questions, but that is only a minor flaw in the script and at least I am now asking questions about the film, right? One year ago it was placed straight into my dvd collection and easily forgotten about.The story itself is actually very good. it revolves around 25 year old Alex borden who is now an orphan. We get a brief introduction at the start where we see Alex and his family on his older brother's 10th birthday. The chain of events that happen are still not really clear, but their mum goes crazy, kills the dog and would have went on to kill the boys if it wasn't for their dad to leave a giant size hole in her head from a shot gun blast. During the film which takes place with Alex being 25, he has many flashbacks of his childhood. The flashback scenes really fit nicely. They are mainly used to move the plot along, but are also very interesting. Throughout the films entirety we just follow Alex as he tries to find out why he has an ongoing migraine. He can't sleep, has visions and hears voices. He must be psycho! He goes and sees a doctor for tests and brain scans etc. They see that there is nothing wrong with him physically, but scans show that he uses more of the frontal lobe of the brain than anyone ever tested. This explains why he can finish a book and remember it word from word in only a minute. So the doctors admit that there is nothing they can do, so refer him to a shrink who they think can help him. She is writing a book on people with unique mental abilities. He goes to see her and it is then that the film really takes off. The people with whom he associates with start getting killed off by a monster and Alex believe that he may have something to do with it. The cast is great. We get to see some good ol horror greats such as Dee Wallace and Udo Kier. Udo with his unique german accent was awesome. If you like horror films with a psychological edge you must check this out! It may take a couple of viewings to grasp, but just be patient with it as in the end you will realize that Headspace is a very intellectual and some-what depressing flick..

timothy d (ru) wrote: great Halloween stylish movie

Jon M (us) wrote: One of the films from Reeves, before The Matrix phenomenon, that demonstrated that he is a great action star. The story, for its time, was pretty mind-bending and original. A great watch, even if it has a sort of a B-movie feel.

Ellen M (fr) wrote: Love this movie, strange, disturbing, black comedy...this is the original VHS cover...much better than the current DVD cover which implies a horror film....great voice for the dog also...

Aaron C (fr) wrote: Seriously? Critics gave this 65%. Forgettable, waste of time...enough said.

Sean M (gb) wrote: Oh dear, oh dear. We fancied settling down on the sofa to a last burst of Christmasiness. We got about 20 minutes in, hated both the main characters from the word go, and when the slapstick wrestling kicked in we knocked it on the head. Don't bother folks!

Jeff T (fr) wrote: Consumerism point made with the grinch. Love it.

Jackson P (de) wrote: Mel Gibson is awesome (but insane, in the movie and in real life)

Muffin M (mx) wrote: Wealthy Cuban coffee merchant Luis Vargas (Antonio Banderas) only knows his bride-to-be through letters of love. And when he finally meets Julia (Angelina Jolie) on their wedding day, he is astounded and left breathless by her beauty and smoldering sexuality. But behind that beauty, a devious mind is at work. And when he finds his business in ruins, his life in shambles and his new wife on the run, Luis begins a relentless pursuit for the woman who not only stole his money, but also his heart... and he'll stop at nothing to get her back!also stars Thomas Jane, Jack Thompson, Gregory Itzin, Allison Mackie, John Pringle, Cordelia Richards and James Haven.directed by Michael Cristofer.