Morgan and Catherine Norvell have their future plans ready. In Monte Carlo, their sailboat is stocked. From there they are going to sail to Malta and live on the boat for a year. They have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Voyage torrent reviews

Stephen C (gb) wrote: Shia LeJambon, more like.

Pavels V (ca) wrote: I want to love the film, but it's just too hard work to ignore loop holes in the story and occasional nonsense. Visually appealing, but...

Erik D (ag) wrote: Pretty good. A little cheesy here and there.

Erroll G (br) wrote: Wow, I didn't think movies could be this bad

Clifford D (br) wrote: a good action movie but not on par with the great Ong Bak! have seen the trailer for its sequel and it looks promising!

Billy M (ca) wrote: This movie was a mess. The plot was non-existent and this was just one of those movies that you were like wtf is happening. I had no idea what to expect when watching this. Robert Downey Jr. did have an awesome performance even though it was hard to follow why he was doing the things he was doing

David S (br) wrote: Despite its lurid title, this efficient entry into the giallo omnibus is refreshingly not as sleazy as its fellow constituents. That's not to say it has not sex and violence (it does), but it's kept to a low level, thus forcing the film to rely more on plot and narrative to carry it. However, the plot is only serviceable, with a few red herrings and mildly clever twists to keep you interested, but is not strong enough to carry a whole movie upon its shoulders. As a result, the film is interesting but not too involving. Not bad giallo but hardly memorable (though I would watch this over some a disgusting, perverted film by the likes of Fulci any day).

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: One of the lynchpins of this work is how it strongly relies on and fully expects that the viewers have seen other films like this and seen so many perhaps that they'be grown tired of the genre. That's where this begins and ends, upsetting all those previous expectations, and laughing at them as well. It's a fun ride.

Jacek H (mx) wrote: The best that Peter Jackson has ever done. Romantic adventure with absolute cinema magic that fantasy of Tolkien has and without battles dictating the pace.

Tiger L (de) wrote: Extremely entertaining and very intense

Julian S (gb) wrote: my good old days lol