Walter Faber has survived a crash with an airplane. His next trip is by ship. On board this ship he meets the enchanting Sabeth and they have a passionate love affair. Together they travel to her home in Greece, but the rational Faber doesn't know what fate has in mind for him for past doings.

Walter Faber has survived a crash with an airplane. His next trip is by ship. On board this ship he meets the enchanting Sabeth and they have a passionate love affair. Together they travel ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Borhan K (jp) wrote: The Disappointments Room is a movie about a family that buy this run down house in the country that is got some horrific historical facts about it in regards to the family that occupied it a long time ago.My wife again loved this movie and I could have done without it.Kate Beckinsale is great in the movie but I rather watch her in the Underworld series.This is not for the faint hearted and it is dark and gloomy.To me it reminds me of the time when kids with disabilities would be locked away or not taken notice of due to their differences.A once and done type of movie no more.Not suitable for the kiddies.

Brian H (us) wrote: It was AWFUL! Great idea, potentially great cast, horrid writing. Bomb.

Noname (mx) wrote: A decent swedish movie taking place in the 60's about a woman working as a veterinary assistent with a dream to be a professional rally driver. She gets an oppurtinity to compete against the guys.. A fair story i felt but nothing really special really. An average flick i would say but well worth seeing for sure overall.

Geoffrey H (jp) wrote: Very moving, Aaron Garfield draws you in and makes you really invested in his character. I felt like the conclusion was a little rushed and cheap but otherwise I really enjoyed this film, even if it was a bit depressing.

Mahir T (gb) wrote: lets see what the movie has! ! !

Brian H (gb) wrote: Nothing compares to "The Great Adventures of Winnie the Pooh"

Zachary M (it) wrote: A good twilight-zone style road film. Environmental themes, the works. dig it.

BILL H (fr) wrote: This sounds interesting never heard of the original case but it makes you wonder what drives some people to do crazy things.

Varun D (br) wrote: Spoiler alert!! Must have been a great movie back in 2000, but i watched in 2012 , after i watched "Kahani". Guessed the ending in the first 20 min and that kind of spoiled the movie for me.

James M (fr) wrote: A good concept, Vampires Anonymous, like the alcoholics anonymous for vampires! It is funny and has the very cool Michael Madsen in it, and wait till you see Juan Rodrigo and what happens with him, and what Madsen's job in the movie is, it is cute and funny!

Stacy S (fr) wrote: There were two stories going on; the story about journalism and Dustin Hoffman's character, and the story about the laid off worker who's just pissed off and things get out of his control. I think that while John Travolta's character is someone we can relate to, that the reporter's story is much more interesting and makes a relevant point that other journalism movies have not made: reporters dictate what part of the story they turn into news. The reporter's line at the end proves this point, "We all killed him!" This effect that he had on the public and on John Travolta's character is the really interesting part of this movie.

Courtney K (br) wrote: at first i thought it was going to be similar to Pandemic (2009), but it was not -- i thought it was pretty decent though. i didn't love it, but i think it deserves more than the 24% critic rating...

Justin C (de) wrote: The action is pretty good throughout the movie and the story wasn't bad. I was really enjoying it until the dramatic fight with Donnie Yen at the end of the movie, then it just got kind of silly.

Beppie W (br) wrote: tedious, boringly long predictable sequences.

Juli N (jp) wrote: Between the deadly Amazon jungle and Klaus Kinski's powder keg temper their suffering was not only real it was legendary!

Rahul B (jp) wrote: Again a study of Human psyche... isolation in this case... an engaging beautiful Bergmanesque atmosphere grips right at the start and leaves you in that vacancy that most of his films leave you at the end... a briiliant idea of letting the actors speak of their characters in interludes.. 3 of the greatest actors ever.. Von Sydow, Bibi and Ullmann thrill you once again.. and its never possible to review a Bergman film or write about the essence in such a small space ... such an ethralling experience !!!

Willian S (it) wrote: Melhor performance de Deniro e Scorsese!