Two friends aim flee their drab hometown existence.

A love story - a young man for an older woman and his best friend and his Chevrolet. Jake is a romantic with a vision. Ringe is his whiplash wild best mate. Their lives in a small northern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb S (ca) wrote: The monster snake is actually a Cobra-Rattlesnake creation, the result of genetic tinkering that escapes a lab and causes problems for a small town with a fledgling brewery that could spell an economic turnaround, if it's opening day "Brewfest" is a success. The residents call in snake-expert Pat Morita ("Karate Kid" movies) who tries to execute a plan that will catch the mutated King Cobra with the help of Doctor Scott Hillenbrand and female deputy Casey Fallo. Note to self: A beer festival is way too important to worry about the lives of innocent civilians. Is Eric Strada as a gay man organizing the brew-fest supposed to be funny?

Geo F (kr) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. Demetri Martin is a comic genius!

jonathan c (es) wrote: This was just the worst movie I have ever seen

Irvan P (mx) wrote: Bagi para penggemar 'Friends' terutama yang merindukan karakter Chandler Bing, maka akan menikmati kembali kekhasan akting Matt Perry lewat adaptasi kisah nyata karakter Ron Clark. Sebagai guru SD yang mengajar dengan metode unik yang tak pernah terpikirkan oleh selayaknya guru pada umumnya dan terbukti berhasil menyentuh hati murid-muridnya."Matt Perry membuktikan dirinya bukan sekedar aktor mini seri komedi..."

James R (ag) wrote: funny remake of a great classic

Cooper H (de) wrote: De Niro gives a great performance as a troubled and complicated lead.

Justin L (jp) wrote: Sometimes cliche, but altogether excellent christmastime film.

Sandra V (kr) wrote: Just terrible. Everything you'd expect from a clichd, poorly written, badly acted, cheapy '80s sword and sorcery movie. Grace Jones looks spectacular but she can't act and Mako sounds like he's on the toilet.