Vuxna människor

Vuxna människor

Frank leads a respectable yuppie life working at a noted Stockholm law firm. He has also been married for eight years to his beautiful wife Nenne, who runs an upscale boutique. Yet Frank is...

Frank leads a respectable yuppie life working at a noted Stockholm law firm. He has also been married for eight years to his beautiful wife Nenne, who runs an upscale boutique. Yet Frank is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (ag) wrote: Without any pretension , a little film that smells good the 80's and feel as good as can be. I loved the idea to shoot the film in the 80's style and craft such a simple but lovely story. The cast is excellent and to be honest i really thought this was an old film until i saw Susan Sarandon, impeccable , as always showing up and then i realized this was actually a contemporary film. The soundtrack is great, the camera work and framing very retro but amazing. I have a feeling this film will become something cult in the future. Too bad it didn't get a broad release, i'm sure kids would have loved it because films like that are becoming too rare on screens these days. Definitely a great indy flick in my opinion.

Richard B (gb) wrote: I give this one a 10 out of 10. the singing alone makes this film worth watching.

Thomas G (ru) wrote: I know quite a few friends who love the band Nirvana as much as I do. And this documentary is not very much about Nirvana as it is of Kurt Cobain himself. This was composed of different interviews of Kurt Cobain, which are one of only a few interviews in which he displayed his personal life. Along with many pieces of footage of the city of Seattle (the home of Grunge music). What I believe really works about this film is that it is a great research piece. If you are familiar with Kurt Cobain and his music, but are looking to go deeper, you should probably start with this film. What also works is the use of the interviews to actively display Kurt's personal life. And it is quite hard to tell if they had cut out any pieces of the interview, since there is so much. Not only that, but it is shown in great detail. With these two pieces of praise in mind, I must also demonstrate the flaws of such a film. One of which was some of the footage that was used in the film. While there is a lot of footage that does indeed work, you still notice that at the same time, the whole film is easy to just listen to, rather than watch. That is not saying that the film itself is bad, it is stating that it could have been released in a different format. Maybe even as a CD. The footage is still nice-looking. While I have heard some complaints that others should have been interviewed, I could simply state that there are so many other Nirvana films with interviews of anyone but Kurt Cobain. And this seems very much like a redemption of that. If you are a die-hard fan of Nirvana, you should check this out. If you are doing some sort of research project, this could work for you. Just... you know, don't bother to visually watch it you don't want or have to.

Logan M (jp) wrote: "Joy Ride" is enjoyable in spite of its story's uneveness and improbability.

Eklektik E (au) wrote: This film was ok...fairly predictable, a bit trite, I suppose. I was also a bit put off by Oprah introducing the film. Not a fan. But despite these things I was pleased with the film. It was positive. It was caring. It was sincere and honest. It was so many of the things really missing in the self-consciously "cutting edge" films of today that are just too "cool" to be simple and caring or that have to have that "gritty reality" over the more common, mundane reality that is in such desperate need for meaning. It's obvious that this is made directly from a book--you can listen to it without ever watching anything and still know exactly what's going on...however, unlike a book this has the timing and flow that befits a film rather than prose. Worth watching.

Lluan A (us) wrote: Heavy, hurtful, wasn't my first experience with Lynch and I got what I expected, loved it, but it was a punch, a real strong one.

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