Waiting for Lightning

Waiting for Lightning

Documentary about the life of skateboarder Danny Way and his attempt at jumping over the Great Wall of China on a skateboard.

A documentary on pro skateboarder Danny Way's tough childhood and his contributions to the sport, including footage of his jump over the Great Wall of China. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave W (us) wrote: My favorite movie of 2013. Excellent.

Brian H (us) wrote: [size=3]We all imagine the one way we would never want to die. Mine is being tossed into a pit full of snakes just before dinner time. I wonder how Elvia Cortez?s nightmare scenario played out. I?m sure it didn?t involve a bomb embedded in a pipe strapped around her neck. In director Spiros Stathoulopoulos? ?P.V.C.-1?, such an unfathomable situation plays out. A band of terrorists break into her compound in search of $15 million. When the family says they have no money, the radicals strap a bomb around her neck. If they don?t come up with the money in 24 hours, the bomb will go off. We then watch as the family tries to defuse the device before it detonates. If the story weren?t based on a true story, I would accuse it of being exploitive. How can some people be so utterly grotesque? It really is a tortuous film going experience that grabs you by the balls from the get go. There are no moments to breathe. We are in constant apprehension the bomb will going off. A shriek emitted from the device scared the living shit out of the audience at least half a dozen times. I will not reveal the result. But tight editing and camerawork only add to the dread. When I left the theater, I was thankful such a harrowing event could only play out in my mind. If this gets released in the States, I recommend seeing it on the big screen. It wouldn?t have the same effect as a rental. It takes a lot for a film to make me uneasy, but ?P.V.C.-1? was able to do so more than any film in recent memory.[/size]

Matthew M (es) wrote: This movie is better than the first. It has better jokes, better characters, better storyline telling, and has crisp animation.

D Yvonne S (ru) wrote: Third worst movie I've ever seen. Edgar Rice Burrough's Barsoom series is brilliant--beyond phenomenal. All this film did was steal the names of the characters and the location from his books and then create some...thing. Something else entirely. If you wanted to write/create your own story, fine-great even! Your movie would have been alright, but you tricked me into thinking this was Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter and Princess and Barsoom and created a travesty.

William G (es) wrote: Superman Returns ends the SUPERMAN trilogy, with great action, even if it falls into the all to familiar trap of corny characters.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Another decent gross out fest from the Farrelly brothers. 's the balls. The gag with Alexander near the end really floored me, comedy gold.

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Kiki B (ca) wrote: very cheesy and robs Harry and the Henderson's prototype done and done

Harry W (kr) wrote: Glen or Glenda, unlike the transvestites in the film, can't decide what it wants to be. It can't choose between being a mockudrama or a legitimate film which somehow incorporates Bela Lugosi into it. What it ends up becoming is a feature length 1950's infomercial about a you hy subject, handled in direct manner from a first-person perspective. It isn't one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but its full of brainless scenes depicting some form of a transvestite's acid trip. It's structured as if it were an episode of Bela Lugosi Presents, and its shoddily crafted together with stock footage used over and over against the backdrop of strange dialogue, particularly the repeated poor quality of the line "Puppy Dog's Tails" which takes thought to comprehend, more thought than actually putting together this film. Also, the repetitive poor quality can be seen in the same newspaper with a small title that has obviously been stuck on over another, with an unrelated article underneath it. The same newspaper is read by every character who reads it in the film, and that's pretty funny of its own right.And Bela Lugosi's character makes no sense, but I believe he's supposed to be portraying some kind of God, which just goes to show the respect Ed Wood has for his favourite actor, even though the writing behind him is senseless.Glen or Glenda collapses during a massively extended speechless sequence later on in the story which runs for too long and doesn't have any dialogue whatsoever, resulting in displaying the low quality and low budget of a film considered by many to be one of the worst of all time, another Ed Wood piece. Although, there are elements of Glen or Glenda that are compelling. Primarily, Ed Wood, despite not knowing how to make a decent film outside reliance on a large portion of stock footage, did have dedication to his piece because of his personal interest in transvestism. He made a film which taught me a lot about transvestism and about acceptance of it, and I do commend Ed Wood in that, even though the film is shoddily constructed due to his mishandled direction. It does fall under a large portion of negative qualities and doesn't have the credibility to pass as being successful in its intentions, but it does have an audience for its infamy and does promote a positive understanding of transvestism, and an understanding of the mind of a person behind facing gender realignment. It's certainly one of Ed Wood's finer efforts with well meaning behind it, even though that isn't saying much. It certainly has a level of entertainment of its poor quality.

Scott R (us) wrote: Fun musical trying to be great, but it falls short of the mark. Would have been better had it not been a fictional country.

John H (nl) wrote: There's still filler, but the shtick still works.

Gilad S (ru) wrote: Well done, very good!

Shawn E (us) wrote: The cinematography and Alicia Vikander were great in this. Plus she is gonna be a big star soon. I don't know why this didn't get a better opening because it's a good WWI film.

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