Waiting for the Messiah

Waiting for the Messiah

In 1999, Argentina's peso craters. Ariel, a young man from Buenos Aires' Jewish community, deals with his mother's fatal illness, finds a job as a night shift surveillance camera monitor, and wonders when he'll discover sex. Santamaria, middle aged, loses his bank job and is dismissed by his wife; he finds stolen wallets in dumpsters to return to their owners. Ariel tells Santamaria's story to a TV reporter who profiles lives on the street. She's Laura, in a relationship with another woman, but perhaps available. Ariel desires Laura, while Santamaria courts Elsa, a washroom attendant who's husband is in prison. Christmas and Hanukkah approach; can anyone connect?

In 1999, Argentina's peso craters. Ariel, a young man from Buenos Aires' Jewish community, deals with his mother's fatal illness, finds a job as a night shift surveillance camera monitor, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darlesia L (nl) wrote: I would love to see this movie bring it to Lakeland, FL

Kyle C (nl) wrote: Okay, this is gonna be a long one so bare with me and enjoy. Well, where to start, this has to be one of the weirdest movies ever if it's not the weirdest. Being a Nicolas Cage fan (for those who know me know that) of course he saves what could have been an absolute mess but his great persona works as usual, now, about the movie itself, is it a bad movie, no, it just has some bad parts. Is it a good movie, yes, but it has some bad parts. This is a cross between a few movies which I'll compare it to 1 by 1, they are The Number 23, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and The Day After Tomorrow. Ok, the whole Time Capsule thing works because Cage's characters son is given an envelope with a piece of paper in it, and on the paper is a bunch of numbers which Cage discovers is predicting every major disaster in the world in perfect sequence, the only problem is that the time capsule is 50 years old and predicts disasters well into the future, now there are similarities here with The Number 23 but in this case it works much better as Cage is much better at these kinds of roles than Jim Carrey, but the whole idea works better, that and the fact that The Number 23 was horrible. Anyways, moving on, the whole thing with the aliens "choosing those who can hear the voices" thing was bizarre because these people just kept showing up and you didn't have a clue what they were doing or where they came from until the end, hence, "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind". Look, I'm not into the whole alien thing so this part didn't work for me and made it kinda dumb which was the weak part of the film in my opinion, now, the whole end of the world bit which the story finally revolves around after 2 hours crosses paths with The Day After Tomorrow, except instead of water and snow ending the world, this time it's heat caused by a solar flare from the sun, this part of the movie (even thought it's not until the very end) is very well done and makes you think if all of this can actually happen, which I'm sure it can but not to that extent, but it looks very good on film. The action parts with the disasters (the plane and especially the train) look very good and they are the best part of this movie. This is a hard movie to review because it has everything and you don't have a clue where it's going or what is going to happen but it is one hell of a ride if you get a chance to see it. It's going to get mixed reviews from everyone (hopefully because of the movie itself and not because they "don't like Nicolas Cage, blah, blah, blah) I'm so sick of hearing that crap, anyways I'm tired now and I think I've said my two cents worth. Enjoy this if you see it and think about it if you don't

Frits H (us) wrote: Waste of time - only see this if nothing else is available....

Charlene (de) wrote: I loved this crap,its entertainment....

MEC r (it) wrote: I didn't like this film.

The Critic (es) wrote: Enjoyable enough while it lasts, but overall forgettable sci-fi.

I am A (jp) wrote: terrible vampire comedy

Spencer K (ca) wrote: I very much enjoyed the creepy first Contracted movie but this was disappointing. it so obviously took the best parts of the first film and recycled them here to know better extent. it's not very scary and in the end it's more forgettable than anything.

Charles C (it) wrote: Great movie. Does the book justice