Wajah Tum Ho

Wajah Tum Ho

People get entangled in a mystery when a murder is committed on live television.

People get entangled in a mystery when a murder is committed on live television. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jenn T (au) wrote: Love this movie, watched it before the tragic accident and watching it after makes it that much more touching. Great movie!

Fitnat C (it) wrote: onlar bu otele eken neydi???

Private U (jp) wrote: it's weird how so many ideas and emotions are conveyed in this film where practically nothing happens at all - they go to the doctor, go on a road trip, have a picnic, have sex and nap. 'blissfully yours' isn't perfect. it can at times be boring and drag on - but ultimately it's an extremely beautiful and rewarding film. not to mention, also features an opening credits scene that kicks in about halfway through the movie, and one of the hottest handjob scenes ever.

Stuart R (us) wrote: Not too bad an action movie

Jbells16 B (br) wrote: This is such a great film that deserve a higher rating than given...

Dallas C (fr) wrote: Seriously messed up stuff to show little kids, or maybe I was a little confused......dont know

Logan M (ru) wrote: This movie blazed the trail for the greatest romantic comedies in cinema including "His Girl Friday," "Annie Hall," and "500 Days of Summer."

Alex K (de) wrote: A gripping tale about South Central L.A.

Jojo H (ag) wrote: One of the best Disney movies ever (next to big hero 6 and lilo and stitch, of course).

Wayne K (fr) wrote: Powered by raw, heartfelt performances and peppered with scenes of shocking brutality, The Railway Man will be too slow and melodramatic for some and too violent for others. It's pretty unbalanced at times, giving us the typical jumping back and forth between past experiences and present ramifications plotline, but the flashbacks do contribute the necessary emotional heft, and Colin Firth is perfectly cast, underplaying the role beautifully, tugging at every one of the audience's heartstrings. While I'm not a big Nicole Kidman fan, she is very good here, trying to dissect Firths' persona and past and understand what he's going through. The story of someone coming to terms with life-altering trauma has been done plenty of times, and while The Railway Man mostly follows the genres conventions, it still has enough shocks, enough character and enough pure emotionality to take on a life of its own.