Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid! is the story of a lazy Mumbai college student who does absolutely nothing, with a turn of events will Sid realize his potential in this world and become a success in the fast-paced life of Mumbai.

A spoiled young adult living in Mumbai experiences a change in his lazy ways when he meets a woman at a party, who inspires him to "wake up". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Wake Up Sid torrent reviews

Nathan V (it) wrote: Great movie. Totally worth everything this movie is

Tyler J (jp) wrote: Okay This Movie Is GOOD! Marc Webb Did OKAY With The Movie And It's PRETTY MUCH Better Then The Sequel Well Yeah That's True Good Job Marc Webb! HAVE A COOKIE!

Clayton (us) wrote: Insightful, hilarious, Awesome. Watch it or you will become gay...yeah.

Kevin (gb) wrote: Its a really well acted indy. Under the radar stuff. If your channel surfing and see it give it a try.

Pavan R (jp) wrote: Not a great movie...songs are good though

Don S (it) wrote: There is a good story to tell about the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, but not this way. I lost count, but there are at least 3 story timelines in this film, and the narrative bounces jarringly between them. I think one or two scenes even repeat. Yeesh. Still, the story of the politics behind the famous picture and the sad tale of poor Ira Hayes kept me from turning this off. And in a way, that was a bummer, because the end is so cheesy and rah-rah that I cringed physically and even made a whimpering noise. I just wish I had stuck to "Saving Private Ryan" which had an extremely superior beach landing scene.