A chronogical about life including self, family, friend, couple and idol in 6 reels

An epic portrait of the New York avant-garde art scene of the 60s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Walden torrent reviews

Raunak C (us) wrote: Asli Power Dil mein hoti hai!!

Tor M (br) wrote: Mel Gibson as a professional crook end up in a mexican prison of some sort. He shapeshifts around and ends up with a high rank and he basicly achieve everything he want. Of course there is a girl involved, togheter with guns, cash and the usual stuff. It's something else here, taking up much of the plot, but I won't give it away. It never works that great anyhow.I never really feel entertained, I want some more substance. I don't know the characters, I don't care about them. No one else does either it seem. They, especially Gibson, can do everything he want to. It seem way to easy, and I don't buy it. Gibson is back in shape and the film looks all right, but that's about it. Not a memorable film.4 out of 10 livers.

Sherry R (es) wrote: this is the most tragic and sad movie I've seen in ages

Cita W (ru) wrote: Just Okay, not my kind of drama.

Matt R (ag) wrote: A tense thriller made all the more so by its restricted setting and great lead performance.

Veniea T (de) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Robert M (kr) wrote: Fantasia is an unbelievable mix of Disney's most creative animated talent and the beauty of some of the most classical pieces of music together in a cleverly produced form of entertainment. I find it quite hard to believe that this particular form of entertainment is not as widespread as I think it should be, but at least we can say that it was very popular during and for it's time. I was well fascinated by this sensational production as a very young child and I would do almost anything to have it be as well known today as it was many years ago. I especially enjoy the more abstract moments throughout the film mostly considering the introduction of the presentation, with the in-depth look at the imagination of what we may visualize when we hear not just classical music, but just about any well crafted song out there. The rest of the tracks apply the same basic principal, but mostly containing stories of interest. The Rite of Spring (the birth of living species) and The Pastoral Symphony (Mt. Olympus) are two of my top favorite tracks in this unforgettable production. Fantasia 2000 was a good sequel, but the original shall stay the best for me. The subjects of beauty and mythological fantasy need to be reminded again in this generation. A fun and childhood-classic Disney film overall.

John D (ag) wrote: Booooooring. A few good songs from Ellla Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee; otherwise a colossal bore. The Pete Kelly character is a loser and a jerk, and you really don't care at all about what happens to the poor sod.