Walk Don't Run

Walk Don't Run

British industrialist Sir William Rutland - "Bill" to his friends - is in Tokyo on a business trip during the time of the Summer Olympic Games there in 1964. Having actually arrived in Tokyo two days before his original planned arrival, he has problems finding a hotel room because of the Olympics. Spotting an ad posted on a British Embassy message board of a room available to sublet, Bill is able to wrangle his way into the apartment of Christine Easton, who is renting out the sitting room of her one-bedroom apartment as a bedroom for the duration of the Olympics. Bill's short-term living situation in Christine's sitting room is despite her solely wanting a female roommate.

During the housing shortage of the Summer Olympic Games in 1964, two men and a woman share a small apartment in Tokyo, and the older man soon starts playing Cupid to the younger pair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James F (mx) wrote: Amazing film, I will but this now, so refreshing, makes you look into yourself also, so happy I watched this, tears of sadness and joy, nice length at 2hours too, just right, some really funny bits too.

(kr) wrote: Terrible stage makeup and fuzzy story line.

Leena L (es) wrote: What a delightful small story of the youth and beginnings of John Lennon and the Beatles! Kirstin Scott Thomas, as superb as always and the music staying on in the head. Sweet.

Todd I (nl) wrote: One of the better cop movies I've seen in a long time

Stephanie B (it) wrote: good movie. the 1st in the series, but I like the 2nd one better.

Casey O (kr) wrote: I guess Weerasethakul achieved his aim here, it's certainly a peaceful and tranquil film that show a relationship escaped from society as it's most basic and human. The sounds of the forest even work as a soundtrack in itself, but I can't really say I find it engaging. Maybe if he spent more time developing Min's character instead of his erection.

Dan B (gb) wrote: This movie was fantastic, and the performances were great. I loved how it starts out as a romance between two women then once they try to getaway things get ugly. The story was very interesting and I liked how it showed two types of lesbians, one that's all tough and the other that's just a lady. Everyone in this was perfect and after the first 30 minutes practically you can't look away. This film got me so into it that I didn't want it to end but at the same time wondering how it was gonna end. It moves very fast just from all the intense scene. Bound is a crazy romance/mob film that really keeps you on the edge with sexy scenes, hot women and crazy thrilling action.

Colby C (au) wrote: Enthralled by majestic 3Dness! One of DreamWorks' best!

Nicholas C (kr) wrote: I would critique this film on how the entire movie is more precious to america and history than all of king Mituses silver, but then I caught my 7 year old son touching himself to the scene where nicholas cage's father is tied up in the movie. He's at boarding school now

Li C (fr) wrote: Not bad but started to confuse me at the end.

Rob J (jp) wrote: A talented cast and occasional witty remark or well done scene isn't enough to salvage or satisfy this movie's fill fated attempt at making a teen comedy that was clearly meant to be made 10-20 years ago. The concept alone fails to meet any actually relevant marks as this isn't really a plot that fits into any modern believable teen story. Three guys (Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Zach Efron) find themselves in that relationship juncture that everyone fears to talk about: where is this relationship going? Now they have to assess with their current girlfriends if this relationship is going to move forward or if it should end right here and now.There are moments when the cast makes genuinely entertaining chemistry together and provide a few chuckles and even some touching moments; here and there. But for the most part, the humor is more concerned about being crass and mature to bother thinking if the writing is actually relevant or relatable...and it isn't. "That Awkward Moment" is a dead on arrival teen flick that feels too flat and too out of touch with its intended audience. It's not horrible or poorly acted; it's just already too late to make us care about it. There's nothing new here, nothing that stands out or warrants repeated viewings and even the film's strongest positive points never escape the dome of mediocrity that forever suffocates it. "That Awkward Moment" is an okay film, a passably enjoyable rental at best.

Christian H (us) wrote: An unpredictable, pulse-pounding, and stylish mystery about the very serious themes of love, loss and life. An absolute masterpiece coming from one of the best directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock10/10

Alberto Z (kr) wrote: Simple and small indie movie that show us the honest, brutal truth of now.I found beauty in the silence and it's full of details. The director makes feel audience kind of voyeur, until the point to feel compassion and frustrated because u just want to help Wendy in some way. Very close and intime film just about a young american girl making her way to move to Alaska for better opportunities, in company of her lovely dog Lucy, and wants to get on her way as fast as possible before her money runs out.The narrative is quite simplistic, confirming one more time the simplest stories are the most effecting

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