Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Friends and family gather around the death bed of Gavin, where they assist in the dying man's suicide. But though Gavin's pain has been laid to rest, the grief felt by everyone there has only begun, and Walking on Water compassionately follows the attempts of Gavin's closest friends Anna (Maria Theodorakis) and Charlie (Vince Colosimo) to recover from their loss.

After the death of a friend, a household of long time friends and family are tossed into the myopic world of grief, where jealousy, betrayal and desire override more polite reactions to death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy H (ag) wrote: The title said it all (SERIOUSLY FUNNY)

Randy P (au) wrote: It's portrayal of someone who didn't know how to "grow up" is pretty accurate, and it tells it in a humorous way, which pulls off as a great movie.

GirlMelody L (de) wrote: Beyond inspirational

Ersavas G (de) wrote: kind of a scarface version..

Paul D (us) wrote: Well handled sympathetic telling of two injustices against America, the killing of a President and a blatant disregard for the constitution regarding the following trials.

Michael R (br) wrote: A confusing lame movie. I am pretty sure there is an a metaphor or something here, but I don't care enough to try to find it.

Jason K (us) wrote: Way to go Cox!You little girlie-man!!YOU BLEW MY COVERRRR!!!!Still...who else can say they parlayed a life of heavy juicing, womanizing, going awol from the army, and coming to America with only a 20 spot in pocket, and...wait for it.Wins 7 Mr. Olympias, takes a few ESL classes, lands the leed role in Conan The Barbarian. Fast forward...Terminator.Then, with a dozen more blockbusters under his belt, the man is flicking his cigar on the White House back forty and rubbing elbows with the power elite!! Is it possible we missed something here?What the fuck Dan? Enlighten us pal.Or did you just think you could throw that much shit at a wall and hope for enough to stick to call it art?Arnold had an affair on his wife.Yay.Arnold grabbed some hot young secretary's ass a decade ago.Whoop-dee-fuckin-doo-da!But what about the Oui magazine interviw you did way back before most of the people who voted for you were even born Mr. Schwarzennegger?Relax, and enjoy the fact that you silly fucks voted him into the Governor's office in the first place Dannyboy!Nuff.

Adam R (es) wrote: The relatively unknown sequel to Old Yeller is expectedly not as good, but it's another family treasure in my book. (First and only viewing - In my mid-twenties)

David S (es) wrote: Very few films transcend their Zeitgeist. This is one of them. Hard to believe that it was released 40 years ago when some of us were young. Yet the theme of loneliness, and isolation are still with us. Along side of Raging Bull which I would put in second place, this just might be the greatest film of the 1970's. The violence in the film is American society and how it leaves behind so many people.... It did then and it still does...And Let us not forget Paul Schrader's

John A (au) wrote: John Ford owned 1939 when it comes to film. Often considered to be the greatest year in cinema history, and Ford made the two best films to come out of that year. 'Stagecoach' and 'Young Mr. Lincoln'.Simply a perfect film.

Carolina V (ag) wrote: De esas pelculas sencillas que siempre divierten

Roci G (br) wrote: una actuacin impecable de Matt Damon. sabe de todo.

Jerrod O (nl) wrote: Should call this movie, "I have an idea" that's the dude's only line. And the dumb bitch is like... "Ok" for everything