Walking Tall

Walking Tall

A former U.S. soldier returns to his hometown to find it overrun by crime and corruption, which prompts him to clean house.

After eight years serving the U.S. Army Special Forces, Sergeant Chris Vaughn returns to his hometown seeking for a job in the local mill. He is informed by Sheriff Stan Watkins that the mill was closed three years ago and now the Wild Cherry Casino, owned by his former high school friend Jay Hamilton, is the major source of jobs and income to the town. Chris goes home, and meets his best-friend Ray Templeton, who organized a football game with their friends. After the game, Jay invites Chris and his friends to spend the night in his casino on him, but when Chris finds that the casino crabs dealer is cheating with loaded dice, he fights against the security men and is almost killed by them. When his nephew Pete overdosed on crystal meth sold by the security men at the casino, Chris realizes that the town is dominated by the mobsters and the corrupt sheriff and with a huge piece of wood, he breaks the casino and the criminals. He is prosecuted and in the trial, he promises to the jury ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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F B (ru) wrote: It tried to be both comedy and romance but failed in both. Not particularly funny and I would class it as watchable rubbish.

Denise B (jp) wrote: Honest portrayal of 3 tough subjects; working poor, addiction, and domestic abuse. Reedus made me hate and pity 'Justin" at the same time. Worth watching.

Andrew R (nl) wrote: Conclusive.--'Probably worth seeing in HD.

Dyron W (jp) wrote: It has its share of flaws, but Hanna is a frenetic and entertaining indie action film.

Vtor M (au) wrote: The.Lover UNRATED. Explora a o vertigo pelo Amor Proibido, A incerteza da Paixo correspondida um amor improvavel que se revela de formas diversa.Uma fotografia e uma gesto do Tempo Notaveis, A banda sonora releva e acrescenta valor na definio dos ambientes,

Rohan D (ru) wrote: Brilliant stuff! Possibly the best indian action film till date.

Samir S (fr) wrote: At (C) que ponto chega o ser humano quando degradado...

Tanya S (us) wrote: Seemed more like a religious cult than outright , direct demonic influence. Interesting take on on possibilities in the cornfield. However it was kinda long and boring.

Rainer K (de) wrote: Nach Beendigung von No's groer Trilogie" ber das Leben eines Pferdefleischers und einer Geschichte die eigentlich gar nichts mit jenem zu tun hat, bin ich auf jeden Fall um einiges schlauer was das Werk dieses guten Herren betrifft.Tatschlich hab ich die Trilogie" sogar in umgekehrter Reihenfolge gesehen. Zuerst Irrevrsible", dann Seul Contre Tous" und schlielich zuletzt Carne".Carne" ist ein Kurzfilm, was nicht heien soll, dass er kurz an stilistischen Eigenheiten und ziemlich verstrenden Bildern ist. Seine Machart nhert sich jener von low-budget B-Horror-Movies der 80er Jahre an, setzt sich aber sogleich wieder durch seinen fast schon experimentellen Schnitt und Kameraperspektive ab.Mein Lob gilt aber nicht nur No, der hier schon in jungen Jahren fr beeindruckende und bedrckende Bilder verantwortlich zeichnet, sondern v.a. Philippe Nahon, der beweist, dass er einer der dreckigsten Bastarde der jngeren Filmgeschichte ganz vorzglich darstellen kann.Shocking ist ein Understatement, und nichtsdestotrotz fhle ich gleichzeitig Mitleid und Abscheu vor diesem namenlosen Pferdefleischer. Ich lerne nicht nur ber die Menschheit und ein franzsisches Milieu, eher minderen Interesses, sondern auch, oder besser, vor allem, ber Nos Entwicklung als Filmemacher. Und an diesem Punkt beginnt der Film Spa zu machen: Man erkennt Schaupltze und Techniken aus Seul Contre Tous" wieder, ist hnlich angeekelt wie von einigen der recht expliziten Filmen in seinen spteren Filmen und rsoniert ber die Produktionsbedingungen dieses fehlerbehafteten Films.Die Triebfeder fr alles was No spter gemacht hat, ein interessanter Film, und ich wage zu behaupten auch ein guter. In knackigen vierzig Minuten bekommt man prsentiert, was man als No-Fan wohl auch so erwartet, fr alle anderen, ist es aber wahrscheinlich nicht notwendig dieses Frhwerk des Argentiniers zu erforschen.

Dr F P (ru) wrote: An awful film, BUT, i quite happen to like the horrible efforts of Psycho Cop, sort of. The movie is pretty slow in places, and some shots are pointless filler. The dialogue is pretty crap, but isn't it always with these types of movies? The Psycho Cop wasn't really as psychopathic as i'd have liked, you'll probably crack up laughing at the many scenes of his boots or his boots coming out of the darkness, or his boots near the swimming pool, or the way the back of his head slowly moves out from the cover of a tree, about 5 different times. The kids in the film are general low budget fodder, although their acting did get better towards the end of the film. Some characters are memorable like the girl with an emotional attachment to her hairbrush but I couldn't tell you her name to save my life, but again, isn't that always the case with this genre?

Ashley H (es) wrote: Code of Silence is a decent film. It is about a Chicago cop who is caught in the middle of a gang war. Chuck Norris and Henry Silva give good performances. The screenplay has plenty of action but sometimes a little slow in places. Andrew Davis did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the action.

Jason S (kr) wrote: Currently #2 on my list of my 5 favorite films. Everything about it is perfect and dead on beautiful.

Matthew F (ag) wrote: Very good historical movie about a very important British figure

Scott R (jp) wrote: The film makes important points about conventions, but it was a bit dry.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: The most unhinged and hilariously crazed performance of a psycho in all exploitation cinema--The Marquis DeSade never had this much fun!!

Greg W (de) wrote: noir from the 2nd cycle

Jordan J (es) wrote: So dumb and cheesy but it's so funny. That's why I gave this two stars and not zero. This movie makes the first one an amazing movie. 3.5/10 Pros: Cameo of someone special at the end, story ties to the first movie a little bit. Cons: terrible plot, just plain bad.

Ty T (fr) wrote: One of my all time favorites.

Bill J (de) wrote: This is cream of the crop for fans of gore. Great story line.