Walking Tall: The Payback

Walking Tall: The Payback

A man goes back to his hometown that is now overrun with crime and single-handedly takes justice into his own hands.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   rape,   murder,  

A man goes back to his hometown that is now overrun with crime and single-handedly takes justice into his own hands. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tico P (it) wrote: A couple move into an apartment complex and realize things aren't as normal as they expected. Lousy plumbing, weird neighbours and a mysterious building history. I am almost shitting my pants as I write this ,but this film does not not work on any level what so ever. Our humanitarian friend, Tobe Hopper, who gave us the majestic delights of Texas Chainsaw has obviously run out of cash, or ideas, and has a desperate need to pay the rent. This whole mess of a production starts off as a teenage slasher film. Fifty minutes in, it gets ambitious and does a Da Vinci Code attempt, but fails miserably. Another stupid remake of a stupid 70's film that was kind of cool in a camp manner, (even though I never got through the damn thing and fell asleep every time). We get the weird janitor, strange neighbours, creepy handyman and dumb tenants. Every cliche in the book is ripped off, but probably won't annoy brain dead stupid teenage airhead MTV Fangoria fans. Toss in a bit of Polanski's The Tenant, William Castle's The Haunted ,and the Sentinel, and in the end this is what you get. The director even rips off his previous films. The only reason I sat through this mess is because I ran out of beer, and it suddenly popped up on late night TV cable. I do not know why I bother. If you are lightheaded and enjoy teenagers getting offed by hammer, power drill, nail gun, or other appliances ... fine. This shit is awful and stinks a mile away. The killer looks like Dark-man. OOPPPS.... Sorry I gave it all away.

Bonebreaker (ca) wrote: Not the best from Troma, but the Cannibal Lesbian Hoedown makes it worth my while.

Aldo M (mx) wrote: Almodovar at his best, and this means that, visually, thie film is a beauty: the style is unmistakable, the colors, the light, everything tells "Almodovar".The story anticipates Volver, the theme of returning from death seems to be very appealing to Almodovar. And this is really Spanish, the relationship with death is quite peculiar to them.The plot is not linear, so it is better to keep the attention on every detail. The reward is great.

Jonathan C (br) wrote: Inspirational underdog story that is as boring and predictable as it is famous. Didn't like it.

Greg W (it) wrote: good UK spy thriller

Dan K (br) wrote: any body who thinks Birth Of A Nation is a better film than Within Our Gates is probably a racist and beats of To BOAT religiously. Bush/Cheney 08, am I rite?

Jen M (fr) wrote: Good but not great Carrey comedy that many teens will love. Ages 12+

Simon C (ru) wrote: Do not watch this film alone. Or sober.