Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddys Hat

Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddys Hat

Walter's a handsome airline steward who catches the eye of Inge, winner of Malaga's Miss Moonlight contest. Carlo is a motor-mouthed goof who has a "heel bar" (a combination shoe shop and ...

Walter's a handsome airline steward who catches the eye of Inge, winner of Malaga's Miss Moonlight contest. Carlo is a motor-mouthed goof who has a "heel bar" (a combination shoe shop and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Walter and Carlo - Up on Daddys Hat torrent reviews

Jagdeep S (de) wrote: This movie takes you back in history and makes you understand what bravery, sacrifice and humanity is. The movie experience is unexplainable and can only be felt once you watch the movie. Hats off to Mr Baweja.

Savannah H (de) wrote: The cast is some of the best of what young hollywood has to offer but it still feels forced.

Des S (kr) wrote: I wasn't going to give this movie a chance because it sounded like it wouldn't be very easy to watch, but the story turned out to be very good. The movie was well done. I only wish it would have had a more fulfilling ending.

Matt G (jp) wrote: The Smurfs 2 is clearly committed to the Smurfs brand in its character, humor and storytelling...which is to say it's flavorless and cheap.

Silvia B (mx) wrote: The film got ridiculous very quickly. i expected a lot more considering the two lead actors but nope, just blah and ridiculous.

mel (br) wrote: loved Eric Blafour in the movie...i lk the story and everything bout this movie...

Terri H (ca) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Bella R (ca) wrote: the funniest movie i ve seen in a while

dada d (us) wrote: The team is shite and the story typical British, but the dream is the same worldwide. Football classic in its own sense.

Vanessa G (de) wrote: I have seen some and want to watch it again because what I seen I liked.

Alexander A (it) wrote: Not as funny as CB4 and it's lower budget works against it but still fun to watch.

Alex G (ag) wrote: A weak script supported by a stellar cast. The film avoids realism by living in a 1970s wild west where the cowboys do what they want, when they want...but are the heroes. The absurd car chases, bar brawls, and wacky interplay between the leads keeps the film interesting.

steve c (au) wrote: This movie is awesome! I dont understand the haters....just because a film does not have John Wayne and an overblown budget does not mean its not entertaining and well written. Richard Boone excells as always, Jim Brown makes his debut, Stuart Whitman in the lead, what more do you want? No cliches, just a great movie.

Senor C (us) wrote: As a fan of Bela Lugosi Invisible Ghost is entertaining but these cheepy 40s horror flix don't have much meat on their bones. Bela's murdering tendencies never fully expained & @ 70 minutes this really could have used some more film. Best line the black butler asks if he looks pale. He felt pale. Sorry even w/ all the murdering going on you still black as the ace of spades

Jude P (jp) wrote: The subject that Lee exploit no doubt all Americans will admit true and never would stop. What ever Lee's joints made so far will make us jaw drop where it is fairly rated or underrated.

Andruw F (fr) wrote: I'd actually give this a 9.5/10, not a 9/10. This is one of my favorite movies, somewhere in the top 25. Let's get my gripes out of the way first. There were several tone shifts, and most were pretty jarring. That resulted in making the movie not flow quite as well, and feel a little long. But only because if they would have fixed the tone shift or cut the scene. And there was some bad editing, and they used fade transitions which don't seem very professional, and used them way to much. Alright, the performances are all pitch perfect. Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church have great chemistry. Everyone else, even the really small parts, are all great and all work. Sandra Oh's character wasn't even supposed to matter, but she made you care. The score is terrific, and I wish I could buy it or download it. The cinematography is great, they get some really great shots that really make the movie look great! The direction is excellent, Alexander Payne is one of my favorite directors. The writing is very good, but not perfect. It's not really as much a comedy, but there are laughs, and they all work!

Will B (fr) wrote: So this was an awful movie. If you saw the trailer you pretty much can guess exactly what happens in the movie; a group of scientists is are making a super serum that raises people from the dead and they kill someone by accident and they have to resurrect them and they get trapped with a zombie demon. And it slowly digresses into your classic survival film.And when I say slowly I mean slowly, they try their best to develop the characters in the beginning and there's some half assed banter between a few of them but it's pretty fuckin flat to be honest. Oh but if you think this part of the movie was boring and contrived just you wait! I swear to god the drama in this film is just abysmal, it's like watching your parents argue. All the chemistry that they kinda had before just vanishes and any lingering strands of character get left behind. There's a scene where this resurrected dog is watching this woman sleep. She's laying in bed asleep and the dog is standing on the bed over her, just watching... and it's the funniest scene in the whole movie. They've got the scary music playing and everything but the dog just looks like he wants to be let out to use the restroom. But wait a minute, after all the good things you've heard you'd think that the action would be pretty good right? Well kinda. The first real piece of action is actually pretty cool. The demon zombie picks up a guy with her mind and throws him in a locker and squishes it with him inside it. But sadly this theme could not go on. For some reason they decided it would be more interesting "cough! Cheaper" to start an action scene and then just cut to black and show the results. For example: there's a scene where the zombie demon picks up a bunch of chairs and desks and stuff with her mind, ready to hurtle them at our boring protagonists. Then the screen goes black for a few seconds, we get a nice "chairs falling on the floor" noise and the lights come back on, ta da!!! All the shit is on the floor! I totally didn't wanna see that scene, thanks David! One thing that could have been really interesting but was completely fucked by the writer was the whole heaven, death, religion aspect. I personally love it when a film dips into a little philosophy. And this was an easy target, you could talk about all that fun death stuff. But no, leave it to this fucking movie to suck the fun out of it. Every time they talk about it it's always "I think this is true" "No you're lying" -that's an exact quote. Oh yeah and by the way fuck the camera girl; she had like 4 lines in the whole movie and absolutely no character. I thought at first that she would be the one who got lazarized but nope, she continued her inexplicable existence to the very end. Thanks for surprising me. Over all this movie is exactly what you'd expect. The characters and flat, the plot is predictable, the horror is just a black screen and there will probably be a sequel for some reason. Goodnight.

Carly G (ru) wrote: I was just talking the other day about my love of "think outside the box" horror films. This one was totally solid. Righteous!

Geno Peppino (ru) wrote: Growing up as a child in the 80s there were a few things I'd been exposed to in film that scared the shit out of me. Nuclear War, anything from poltergeist, and the aliens from Strange Invaders. I'm happy to report that even after renting the movie, and re-watching it more than 20 years later, it is still creepy. They are some of the best looking aliens ever brought to the screen. The movie itself is entertaining, and draws on the mid to late 1950s alien films for inspiration. But really, see it for the make-up effects and you won't be disappointed.