Wanda, the Wicked Warden

Wanda, the Wicked Warden

Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women. A girl deliberately "checks" in to the hospital to find out what has happened to her sister who stayed there. Meanwhile ...

Ilsa, now a vicious warden, runs a mental-hospital for young women. A girl deliberately "checks" in to the hospital to find out what has happened to her sister who stayed there. Meanwhile ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wanda, the Wicked Warden torrent reviews

Pat L (jp) wrote: A friend suggested I watch this movie after I told her about Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" Now if you're expecting anything in common between these two movies except John Tuturro and they both being a Spike Lee joint, you'd be mistaken. Whereas "Do the Right Thing" was entertaining and sent a social message about racism throughout, She hate me, though entertaining, pretended to present a social message - We smarter than that eh Spike. Breakdown - Young black Harvard Graduate is a young VP, he squeals on his insider trading bosses, losses all his money and ends up impregnating Lesbians at 10,000 dollars a pop???Although performances were good , I really expected something more meaningful from Spike, instead of a gratuitous pseudo 3-some close to the end.

Graham S (es) wrote: Delightfully light-handed re-working of the dysfunctional family movie. Marion Bridge is Molly Parker's film all the way, though the rest of the cast definitely holds their own. This is basically a quiet, character-driven story of redemption for three sisters whose alcoholic mother is dying, and who share a dark secret that is tearing the family apart-for all the typical reasons: shame, denial, blame, rage, and fear. One of the virtues of this film is that it never once comes out and says what that secret is-we figure it out easily enough-even though it's not straightforward and predictable-just from watching the interactions of the characters (possibly an indication of just how many dysfunctional family films we've all seen by now!) But this is not one of those "ain't it awful," wallow in pain and despair melodramas-thank goodness. Yes there is pain, and it is very convincingly portrayed by all the characters, with a fine amount of realism and nuance. Molly Parker is a queen of nuance, who can express more with one look than many actors express in a whole scene. From fragile prodigal daughter, to trashy and brash alcoholic, to brave and intrepid family scapegoat and truth-teller, she transforms herself completely, and is completely believable-never "over-the-top," or campy, or stereotyped. Ellen Page, at age 16, shows her prodigious potential here as well. The final 10 minutes are perfection. Listen carefully to the closing song. Not for shameless thrill-seekers, this is a slow, quiet movie-but very far from bleak. Healing comes in quiet acts, not flashy ones-much like in real life. (Netflix)

emily b (ru) wrote: That is the Most Horrible Animated film I've ever seen! at least Mr Peabody and Sherman and The Angry Birds Movie is a million times better than Food fight! the animation is Unfinished, the story is Stupid, the character are creepy and the writers are lazy! do you know who like Foodfight? Vanguard Yes Peabody no! and do you know who hates Foodfight? everyone in the entire world!

Daniel S (it) wrote: The first movie I saw in theaters.

Isabelle S (kr) wrote: Les allemands font vraiment des bons films !!! Germans have Good Movies !!

Private U (fr) wrote: best movie I have seen, ever!

Michael M (jp) wrote: This movie is a nice blast from the past but it's hard to watch in 2017 with how far we've come with CGI. Though I did get to ride the bee at Universal Studios in the early '90s so that was cool.

Jonathan H (es) wrote: I know this film was meant to rally the US to take action in the war effort, but 49th Parallel is a propaganda film whose polemics would make Eisenstein blush. Plus, Olivier doesn't just chew the scenery, he swallows it whole.

Brett H (de) wrote: Along Came Polly is not a comedy that shoots for the stars and is perfectly happy living on the lower rungs of the ladder; but it is an enjoyably, stupid comedy. The story is incredibly played-out and the neurotic character Stiller always plays is growing increasingly more annoying and you know exactly how his character is going to make a fool of himself throughout. Aniston gets a change of pace from her bombshell persona and plays a ditzy, flake who never thinks too hard about the next step; which was refreshing. Hands down the best character is Philip Seymour Hoffman's, Sandy Lyle who's a washed-up, former actor still thinking he's a big deal because he was in one hit movie! Seriously, his scenes are absolute gold and his physical performance is commendable as well. It's at best a rental and you watch it at home with your family/loved one and you laugh, and then forget all about it; but it is a competent film.

Andrew O (br) wrote: An exceptionally clever and wonderfully stylish treat, Gremlins is a film that works as pure entertainment on nearly every level, with black humor, hysterical horror, and a disdain for all things often respected, it's rare to see such a commercial film take such wonderful risks.

william s (jp) wrote: with the cast I felt like it was a big let down

Gordon B (br) wrote: Imagine you've just died. Before entering heaven, you must choose is a single happy memory from your life, that memory will be turned into a film to accompany you in eternity. What's powerful is how watching Afterlife triggers thoughts about your own memories