Members of a family are separated in a natural disaster. Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected.

Members of a family are separated in a natural disaster. Several years down the line, they aren't united but their lives are strangely interconnected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (it) wrote: You might remember a few months ago I reviewed a title about the summer camp prank. The movie was called 'Standing Up' that I loved a lot. This movie is kind of similar, but deals on a different issue. Absolutely an important movie that discloses the most common trouble faced by the physically weak students, especially loners who were targeted by the bully boys. It was based on the book 'Regret!'. That is why we need more novel adaptation that deliver the messages to the younger generation. The story was narrated from the perspective of a high school student David. He also a member of the band called 'Point Out!'. David in not a boy who interfere with others affairs, like a quiet one he's focused on his studies and other activities. He has a crush on his classmate Vera, and so she's on him, but they never expressed to each others. In between their secret affection, a fellow mate called Jochem comes into the scene. He's fat and have no friends, which mean an easy prey for the tyrant of the class. As the school days progress Jochem makes friends with David and Vera, individually. He begins to spend some time with them, but that does not solve his problems. With a little misunderstanding between the three, the story reveals what they had failed to recognize, the seriousness of the situation.''You should drink water instead.It's healthy. And it doesn't stain.'' Recently kind of I'm attracted to the Dutch movies. Saw some of the best movies and every time with the new movies my interest and expectations on them are growing. So that is how I came up with this movie, an awesome movie. Well, this movie theme was good, a very good movie to educate school and college students about what is right and wrong. Like you know by now it was about bullying, the movie displays what had to be shown. With the blend of little hide-and-seek romance track and music in few parts. Bullying is fun for some, but it is a crime, especially if it ends in an unexpected way. To create such trouble the story takes time to advance that kind of looks a drag in the tale. Well written screenplay, which concentrated around three characters. Each of them were so good in their respective roles. This kind of message movie is what I expect from Hollywood, because Hollywood movies can reach all the corner of the earth. I hope dubbed or remake version will do justice to the truth the movie tried to tell. A movie not to be missed, especially if you a parent to the teenagers.


RayNormanBateman (es) wrote: I feel that this is another harshly judged comic to movie adaptation. Once again the critics and fans cry because The Punisher isn't exactly like in the comics, forgetting that he is not a big character like Spiderman is or the X-Men. This is a cheap budget attempt and for what it is, it is really entertaining. I enjoyed seeing Ray as the punisher, he brings something different to Jane's punisher. He is bigger, looks tougher and definitely looks meaner. This is another character that has been harshly judged in the movie world. I think comparing the last two punisher films to lets say the shambolic Ghost Rider, you'd realise that this is actually not so bad. It definitely is better than the new Fantastic Four and how much did that cost?

Nolan M (us) wrote: A masterpiece that was inspired by the Columbine school shootings.

Natalie T (us) wrote: Diferente, buena. Me gusta el personaje de Angelina.

Arun D (ag) wrote: Gets better and funnier with every viewing. Still feel Bruce Campbell should have got the oscar.

Adam H (br) wrote: It tries to be bold and stylish but ultimately ends up being a silly, predictable film that introduces plot twists that are so unbelievably ludicrous that it basically derails itself. It will only entertain those who don't really demand any smart substance from a movie.

Jason M (kr) wrote: This sequel to the original Austin Powers film introduces some new characters including Mini-Me (hilarious!) and Fat Bastard (grotesque). In my opinion, there are more rapid-fire gags in this film than in the original. It is obvious that it was carefully written to improve on the original and succeeds in most spots. They capitalize on the addition of the Mini-Me character, although this is simply employs a clich "little person" schtick. The franchise "jumped the shark" after this 2nd installment of the Austin Powers trilogy.

Christian C (ru) wrote: Touching film with quite capable actors. As an American, however, I must say that it was often difficult to follow the dialogue due to the thick accents and use of unfamiliar British slang. Despite this difficulty, I would recommend this movie highly to an American looking for a well-done, meaningful LGBT film.

Eros D (it) wrote: Tenendo presente che Milos Forman non rientra nei miei registi preferiti, non nego che questo film sicuramente diretto in modo originale ed innovativo, stando agli anni '70. La storia presenta i problemi adolescenziali, la voglia di fuggire di casa, conoscere il sesso e le droghe, tutti argomenti molto interessanti, ma nonostante ci questo film ormai trapassato da anni ed a mio parere aveva tutte le carte in regola per rimanere a lungo nel tempo, ma purtroppo la storia, anche se a tratti parodica e divertente resta comunque banale, ricca di vuoti, e con un finale altrettanto inutile e privo di senso...

Dave R (it) wrote: Well it was pretty crappy movie even for the 1960s low budget movie all the way wasn't even funny I didn't laugh once this shows even back they didn't have good ideas

Ricardo O (fr) wrote: Land Without Bread (Tierra sin Pan) is excellent little documentary by the legendary director Luis Buuel about the Spanish region of Las Hurdes where civilization is still a very primitive. The peasants who live in the region don't even have the most basic utilities and skills to farm yet they still are able to live, at least for a while as just about all the residents have diseases like malaria. This was Buuel's sole documentary (a short) yet this non-fictional film is thematically consistent to the filmmakers other work, as it covers his fascination with insects, his unflinching look at human cruelty, his subtle but clear disgust with the Catholic Church, and moments of dark humor. It's a film that fits very well into the director's canon. Once Franco came into power, many against the dictator embraced it as an attack on him.One thing that is always questioned however is whether it's even a real documentary or not. There are some parts that are obviously staged, such as: the goat falling off the cliff to its death, the donkey's death due to being stung by so many bees, and how some of the narration contradicts what is being shown on screen. Because the line between what is real and what isn't is so vague, it makes the film all the more complex, especially for being a film that is just under half an hour. Not everything that is shown may be real, but there is no doubt that the events depicted in it do actually happen. But what makes the film all the more powerful is how neither the Catholic Church nor the government even care to try and fix the problems in the region that is just so obvious. I believe that was Buuel's intent for the film; open the viewer(TM)s eyes to the despicableness that these organization do by ignoring the poor. Land Without Bread is a pretty stunning accomplishment; this is highly recommended viewing. 9/10

Amber N (us) wrote: One of my favorites.

Symone F (de) wrote: SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME

Leena L (it) wrote: Susan Sarandon washing her bare chest with lemons in front of a window....