During the bloody war in Chechnya, a British couple and two Russian soldiers are taken hostage by Chechen rebels. Two of the hostages are then released to bring the money for the British woman who is forced to wait for the ransom.

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Vivian O (fr) wrote: Quirk and different! Weird story...

t h o m (ru) wrote: I always seem to gravitate to films like these... rarely do I ever feel fulfilled. The premise of the film seemed great; same old story arc told from a different perspective and Zooey. Mmmmm Zooey. The crew and sets of the film work for the most part... Aaron Stanford was a weinie though. I did not like his dynamics and struggled to put up with him. He really was a douche and not in the sense of his character and that's what they were going for; but really someone I wish was recasted. Chris Lloyd was great to see and the setting of Flakes stood for a tasty premise. Really this was an okay movie(good to watch during breakfast?) and is probably Michael Lehmann's best movie which... isn't saying much. I did hardcore crave some cereal though, so great execution on that part, Mike!

emilia l (es) wrote: Seems like a little too much drama for me, but Ill see.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

heidi e (au) wrote: badly acted, cheese ball western... boring.

Nawa K (de) wrote: oh..! this movie is so funny.

Logan M (es) wrote: It's so close to being a great dark comedy.

Mark E (ru) wrote: Awesome performances by James White, DNA, Tuxedomoon, The Plastics, Walter Speding and Fab Five Freddy! The story is just so-so though.

John B (br) wrote: A beautiful heart tugging story of a retired bureaucrat who can't make ends meet. The sequence with his dog at the end is particularly poignant.

David M (us) wrote: original and smart...hope there is a sequel to this zombie apocalyptic tale with a twist unlike others I've seen lately!

Van R (fr) wrote: Talk about a departure from the norm. This "Dracula" adaptation differs from all others because Lord Holmwood sends for Dracula so the Count can bite him and stop the nasty social disease that he has inherited from his father. Van Helsing (David Suchet) has been locked up in a room, a prisoner. This BBC production is about as far out as any "Dracula" adaptation has gone. The production values are solid, but traditional "Dracula" fans may find it difficult to enjoy because of the vast liberties taken.

Dolores H (fr) wrote: One of my favourite movies from my childhood. Emma 8/10. Lucy 9/10. Charlotte 10/10. 29/06/2016.