War Drums

War Drums

The friendship between a white man & an Apache chief is tested when they fall in love with the same woman

The friendship between a white man and an Apache chief is tested when they fall in love with the same woman during a time of frontier conflict. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AnneJulie L (ru) wrote: Van Sant can definitely prove how words can sometimes be unnecessary and totally meaningless. Even if most of the critics are not too great, because I have to admit this is irrevocably not the kind of film that most of the people (unfortunately) would like , I make my own satement: this is an experimentalism masterpiece.

Wayne K (de) wrote: An uber-cheap, uber-weird and uber-disturbing examination of a dysfunctional family who are reunited, perhaps a little too well, by a mysterious visitor whose motives and personality remain shrouded in mystery. This is really no surprise, since the movie leaves us with plenty of unanswered questions. At times I thought it to be an indictment of modern youth, at others an examination of our desensitization to violence, and perhaps even a tale of our obsession with it. It's pretty jumbled, strange, and at times was actually quite hilarious, albeit unintentionally, but isn't something you'd watch more than once, unless you happen to have a serious breastmilk fetish.

Andrew C (nl) wrote: one of my favorite independent films...Hoffman delivers a superb performance...one of his best next to Capote

Scott C (gb) wrote: Not even a tenth as funny as 'A Fish Called Wanda'.

Christopher S (us) wrote: I just get a kick out revisiting the 80's with this flick. Fun to see Linda and Tommy so young!