Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

A newly unemployed salaryman meets a particularly sexual woman.

A down-and-out businessman travels to a seaside town, where he meets a woman with unusual sexual powers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Warm Water Under a Red Bridge torrent reviews

Bruno V (it) wrote: Movie taking only 70 minutes , looks like an episode of CSI or something ...forgetable !

Jon R (jp) wrote: i want to see this one

Jared F (es) wrote: yet another "children's horror" it had a cute twist in the middle but overall slow... for an 85 min movie it seemed it took them forever to get to the point.

Khaled M (ca) wrote: it's nice to put a face and voice to this beautiful book.

Shafquat G (it) wrote: It's a sweet little film that had me grinning the whole way

Johnny L (ag) wrote: Kirby Dick brings light to a very serious issue. Overall I think it was a bit narrow and could have featured a wider array of criminals rather than focus on the story of one and his victim.

Cesia Z (mx) wrote: Surprising and refreshing.

Kristina K (au) wrote: It's not interesting, not emotional or funny... really boring. *Yawn*

Daniel K (es) wrote: Terribly corny, but still enjoyable enough to get kicks out of it, and fans of the first will probably enjoy it also.

Rick Q (au) wrote: Such an amazing and hilarious style to this film. This is some of Woody Allen's best writing, and I say that as a huge fan of his.

Jason K (au) wrote: kinda felt like they wanted to get together and film something, and they had access to a train set...and thats where the interest stopped.

Tanner M (au) wrote: A very entertaining, and slightly creepy ghost movie. There is some logic errors like how none of them go to work. Besides that and the cheesy ending this movie certainly is one of the best ghost movies.

Jay S (fr) wrote: Recommended! A unique summer vacation comedy.

Akramul i (au) wrote: This just personifies the word 'overstay'. The average acting and beautiful landscapes just gets so tiring 30 minutes in, and we're not even a quarter of the way through. Even if it was shorted and added a better soundtrack, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep just wouldn't be at their best.The Academy just embarrassed themselves with this... this.. this.