Warning: Parental Advisory

Warning: Parental Advisory

The story of the 1985 Senatorial hearings to place "Warning: Parental Advisory" labels on music albums with "obscene" lyrics and themes - and the rockers who tried to fight it.

The story of the 1985 Senatorial hearings to place "Warning: Parental Advisory" labels on music albums with "obscene" lyrics and themes - and the rockers who tried to fight it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah T (us) wrote: Funny and heart-warming.

Julian A (jp) wrote: A quiet film, but very beautiful.

Collin R (nl) wrote: A fine overview of the life of the Dali Lama from childhood through exile from Tibet to present day. The 10 questions seemed earnest but safe.

Laurent L (fr) wrote: Bien bar. Pas aussi bon que Berni mais se regarde bien.

Matthew B (es) wrote: Kyle: "Have you seen my daughter?"Captain Rich: "Um... miss. You came on board, with only yourself."The story is about a woman and her child are flying back from Berlin when her daughter suddenly disappears and no one even remembers seeing her aboard the plane. I got to say that this whole film feels like a Alfred Hitchcock movie. With it's suspense and Mystery, just like a Hitchcock. film. I mean if Alfred Hitchcock was still alive today, he might have directed his movie. Would he have done it better?, yes because we are talking about the master of suspense. Jodie Foster was just pure excellent in this role as the scared mother who will do anything to get her daughter back no matter what, and she did a fantastic job at it. The directing in this movie I thought was pretty well done. Through out this movie it had that dark, cold tone that worked for a movie like this. It worked in this movie because children today are going still missing and sometimes I will read the paper and read the latest news about these horrible, cold and gritty stories about children going missing and being found dead, and this movie cough that feeling that I have when something like this happens. My only nick picks with the movie was the ending to the film. I'm not going to give away the ending, but what I can say is the movie turned into a cliche action film towards they end; losing all the suspense for me. But overall Flightplan is a great suspenseful movie with excellent acting and the movie is unpredictable.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Pretty funny, Deserved way more credit, Ok it was very silly but it was different and to this day it still makes me laugh.

Calyre Z (br) wrote: "Mmoires suspectes"

Jim W (ag) wrote: Michael Keaton plays a cop who finds himself taking care of his partner's 3 girls after he's killed. He finds himself doing things that he wouldn't usually do, in order to support them. The movie is a little routine with the usual "hand in your badge" type of stuff that you usually get in Hollywood cop dramas. While it's overdone with how we're constantly reminded why he's doing what he's doing. I mean, the movie has to keep showing that the kids are cute and that he cares about them. The movie also throws a big typical action movie shoot-out at us in the end that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the movie. However, I still like the movie due to the under-rated Michael Keaton that a lot of people dislike for no good reason. Rene Russo also does fine work as his wife. While Racgel Ticotin (Total Recall) isn't bad either a woman cop investigating him.

Jeff B (br) wrote: This was a pretty amazing film. Though it's nearly four hours of talking, it's very engaging and I love the way the characters are developed and written. I was about to say "so and so" was amazing, but really, all three of the actors were incredible in this. Jeanne Pierre Leaud gives a great monologue about 2/3 into the film, but the greatest moment is probably the monolgue by Francoise Lebrun at the end of the film, now that is some incredible acting right there. I really loved this, films like this aren't really made anymore.

Ivan K (kr) wrote: One of the best Roles of Bourvil and Louis de funes

Angus H (kr) wrote: Chabrol's without murder!

Cynthia C (us) wrote: This was a charming look at everyday Paris. It was Rene Clair's fist talking movie and the music just lifts your spirit.

Laura G (fr) wrote: Excellent! Cromwell and Bujold are perfect and the director really captures the writers true feeling of each and every moment. I loved this movie very much.

Matthew M (gb) wrote: Its either goofy or scary depending on how you view it