Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye

Malibu detective Shannon (Renee Rea) goes undercover in a group house to discover who murdered one of the women living there. Shannon gets caught up in the sex and parties, not knowing that her every action is being secretly broadcast on satellite TV. When she learns of the broadcast, she puts the clues together and figures out that the men living in the house have sex with all the women for all the world to see. And that's when her life becomes slated for cancellation.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,   beach,  

Several young women inhabit a California beach house without realizing that they're being watched by someone else. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dervilla O (de) wrote: Comedy and tragedy artfully played out in a country in the midst of bombings. ..

Heather CoMiyavi 4ever (ca) wrote: A hilarious Japanese movie about a group of boys who are pressured into a doing synchronized swimming. Through their ordeals, they learn the importance of peserverance and friendship.

Lanky Man P (de) wrote: It should be called Darkness Fails instead of Darkness Falls

Gemma M (us) wrote: An excellent performance from Benjamin Bratt.

Tuukka P (es) wrote: Quite faithful adaptation of Edward Bunkers "inspired-by-real-life-experiences" novel of the same title with Buscemi on the helm. The prison life is shown in its ruthless reality and paraoina (about getting played, raped or worse) is nicely portayed. Dafoe hits the mark as an aging prisoner taking the young "fish" under his wing and showing him the ropes of survival. The end is falters a bit but otherwise this is solid indie film making.

greg p (br) wrote: i felt everything this movie was supposed to make me feel, down to falling to my knees and screaming at the sky! vampire stories and mysterious neighbors and wheat fields and beeping amish women walking by.....the smell of gasoline! it's in everything! i saw this movie on someone's garage screen, lounging on folding chairs and tripping acid......this is the best David Lynch movie he never made! Seth and his buddies roam around the wheat fields, where the same people literaly buzz by every day and where there's nothing for adolescents boys to amuse themselves with other than blowing air up bullfrogs' asses and shooting them with a slingshot, dousing creepy neighbor ladies with frog guts! ......or trashing their houses........ prolly 'cuz Seth's homelife is a bit awry, with his mother abusing his father pretty regularly, his older brother off to war, and the town sheriff snooping around....daddy's past activities warrant'em to keepin' a close eye on! Seth's family owns the local filling station and to pass the time in between beatings, father likes to read vampire pulp novels and stare out and watch the tumbleweeds n stuff.......meanwhile, there's a car full of greasers in leather pulling in and about, lookin' like they was up to somthin'....... Seth doesn't mind that his buddies are disappearing one by one and are found dead in numerous places, his brother has returned from the war and starts hookin' up with the vampire lady next door........the same woman he and his friends have been torturing. When his brother begins to look more sickly than when he arrived, Seth is convinced the lady next door is a vampire and is sucking the life out of him......... she did to the dead angel baby corpse he found in the sticks and has hidden in a box under his bed! i loved this movie! it's so haunting, you thank the stars you weren't born in a place like that. by the last frame of the movie, i totally understood that kid.....and i was EXTREMELY satisfied with that ending, 'cuz i wanted to scream throughout the second half of the movie! WAY UP!

cody f (es) wrote: Powerful first film from writer Paul Schrader, and his best film to date. It's a good story that is carried by powerful performances by it's three main actors. Keitel is good, but you've seen him do better. Kotto and Pryor are flawless, and they carry this movie. It's about three auto workers who decide to steal from their union and how it affects their lives and friendship afterwards. What really makes this film different is that most of it is a comedy and then it turns dark real fast. It's a hard to find film, but if you get a chance watch it you wont regret it. Again I have to give it up to Kotto and Pryor for their comic and dramatic performance.

Simon P (us) wrote: Very 70s and the central concept is ridiculous, but it's a decent if not amazing entry into the "not quite zombies" sub-genre. Shivers with more money and slightly better acting.

Pia K (es) wrote: Koskettava ja hauska elokuva dementiasta ja sen vaikutuksista perhesuhteisiin, tykksin! (y)

Moe E (au) wrote: Have you ever seen something so horribly bad that you couldn't tear yourself away from it? Well...this would be one of those things.

Ben F (it) wrote: Most warm blooded citizens of this Earth can enjoy a romp through Statham action sequences, it's great stuff.

Natalia M (us) wrote: One of the most beautifully written love and tragedy stories, taking place during the Bosnian war. Possibly Penelope's best work.

Kyle K (mx) wrote: I actually liked this. It was funny and touching and that kind of feel good garbage.

Lafe F (gb) wrote: Like a cousin of "The Shining", this movie has the Rolf family taking care of an old house for the summer. This movie creeped me out, with the old lady we never see shut up in the attic, dreams of a wicked funeral hearse driver, unscheduled home renovations, a father trying to drown his son in the pool, and that final heart-stopping conclusion. They did it good and scary in this one. Oliver Reed, Karen Black and Bette Davis and Lee Montgomery play their roles of a family living in madness and fear wonderfully. The whole gardening theme was unique. I liked the photo collection upstairs. There's no real devil or ghosts involved; it's quite unnamable, which makes it scarier for some reason.