Water Damage

Water Damage

One year after the drowning death of his young son, Paul Preedy (Daniel Baldwin) receives an invitation to a reunion at his prep school. Paul decides to go, taking his remaining son with him. When they arrive, they find that only two other people had been invited and a new nightmare is about to begin.

As the body count rises, a killer keeps police guessing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katherine T (au) wrote: It was possibly the worst movie I have ever attempted to watch. Couldn't even get through half because the acting was so wooden and the plot so unbelievable and predictable. Do not bother watching.

Patrick M (gb) wrote: Chabat, tu peux mme pas avoir aussi honte d'avoir jou (C) dans ce truc que moi de l'avoir regard (C)

Oe S (de) wrote: I felt kinda pervish watching this movie

Gina S (it) wrote: yeah!!! this is a good one!!!!

Vilas H (de) wrote: want to see the unrated version or uncut version..... the cut version on HBO was so hot

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Pierce Brosnan brings Bond back in an up to date (ish) version and most of the film pays off, It's got a good cast, Some good solid 90's action, An easy but predictable plot that we could all see the twists coming from a mile away, Brilliant stunts but the silly one liners totally ruined it for me as there's so many I lost interest in its main scenes, It's one of the better Bond films Just too much humour for me and it's not that realistic but most films from the 90's are the same.

Gregory W (de) wrote: another rehash of "Death Wish"

Andrew L (ag) wrote: An epic and operatic take on the death of the old west through the creation of the railroad.

George R (de) wrote: This film received Oscar nominations for writing and sound in 1943. Further, it was banned by the House Unamerican Activities Committee during the McCarthy Era of the early 50s. It probably should not have survived that experience.

Remi Z (ag) wrote: Oui Jean Gabin a (C)t (C) jeune !! :)Un excellent film noir. Des personnages secondaires riches et (C)tonnants, et des dialogues truculents. On peut entendre Gabin sortir sa fameuse r (C)plique "t'as de beaux yeux tu sais", mais aussi balancer un "quand tu parles, on dirait que tu patauges dans la gadoue avec des espadrilles". Il n'a quasiment pas pris une ride, je recommande :)

Abel D (nl) wrote: While some jarring tone shifts, especially in the first act, going from fun romp to brooding inner turmoil, and melodramatic dialogue may turn off some, Johnston's decidedly old fashioned desert adventure still carries a lot of the same strengths as its obvious influences and forebearers: strong performances from its capable cast, with Mortensen sporting a flawless American accent, fun, well shot set pieces such as a battle in a bandit town and the night raid on the racers' camp, and a bombastic, energetic score by James Newton Howard that will put a smile on your face.

Kiomi P (br) wrote: Totally something you don't see every day! Good plot, maybe Astrid Beges could've done a stronger interpretation, but definitely, definitely, something one doesn't see every day!

Jesse O (de) wrote: Really damn good movie that subverts the typical rom-com tropes with a complex and unorthodox twist on the 'love' triangle. But really, I just found Emily Blunt to be absolutely adorable in this movie, hence why I rated this movie as highly as I did. Actually that's a lie. Emily Blunt is adorable here, but the film is really very good. The casting is absolutely tremendous. For a cast that only focuses on 3 characters for a great majority of it, you could not have asked for a better cast. Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, and Rosemarie Dewitt compliment each other perfectly. I cannot complain on that front at all. If there was some improv here, then it was either very minimal or not particularly noticeable. I tend to think there was no improv whatsoever, with the exception of the scene where Jack and Hannah have sex and Jack, after finishing, squeals for some reason. Jack rapidly retorts 'sorry, I squealed' which made that moment somehow funnier. I think that's the only real ad-lib in the film, maybe I'm wrong. Plus, with the film's story being the way it is, it probably couldn't have been improvised for the most part. But the story is pretty damn interesting for the most part. These are characters all stuck at a crossroads in their lives. Jack, having lost his brother, has shut himself off from the world and just done nothing for a year, Iris being in love with her Jack, even though she used to date Jack's brother, and all that brings, and lastly Hannah getting out of a loveless relationship after seven years because she felt she couldn't wait any longer on her need to have a child. How all these peoples' issues come together is really satisfying and intelligent. This movie is, essentially, 90 minutes of people just talking and for someone who's reading this, that might sound a little boring, but it works. I was truly invested in this movie from the moment it began and it kept me hooked until it was over. Usually in movies, in general, you have this part, before the climax, where it just drags. This movie never drags, it's incredibly well-paced. There's also plenty of laughs, it's never truly laugh out loud funny, cause that's not what the movie is trying to do, but it's funnier than I would've expected going in. The comedy isn't really over-the-top or slapstick-y, it feels completely natural and organic. I know I didn't give this a flawless rating, but I'm having a hard time finding something that I may have disliked about this film. It's just really fucking good. And, despite the fact that it may have been an indie film, I think this does a good job at sort of avoiding the things that people may dislike about indie movies in general, and sort of find a happy middle ground. I think people who love indie rom-coms will love this and, while this isn't something super casual, it could also appeal to someone who's not particularly inclined toward this. It's a very hard thing to achieve, I would imagine, so props for that. As you can see, I was a big fan of this film. Thought it was really good and I regret not watching this much sooner. This is definitely worth watching.

Daniel M (kr) wrote: another damn good movie. good job duke.