Water Drops on Burning Rocks

Water Drops on Burning Rocks

The film is based on a German play by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Tropfen auf heisse Steine. A 50-year-old business man Léopold arrives home with 20-year-old Franz, whom he has just met. Franz is not quite sure why he agreed to come home with Léopold as he is supposed to be meeting his fiancée Anna, but he accepts drinks from Léopold and they begin to get to know each other.

In the 70s Germany, a 50 year old businessman falls in love with a 20 year old boy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (ag) wrote: This movie was a pun on Rome, Gladiator, Sparticus, Troy, pretty much all of them. It was not a great movie and very stupid, but so much better than I thought it would be. I had such low expectations of this that I really enjoyed it. Stupid funny, but funny.

Amy H (ca) wrote: loves these icy pole creatures...beautiful story! don't watch it if you are not into discovery channel!

Eric F (jp) wrote: We might convince ourselves that love is universal, an unchanging constant that has existed in the same form since the dawn of man. But how much has it evolved in the past century, and, more significantly, how much have lovers changed? It's impossible to accept that new advents in technology and an ever-changing political climate will have no effect on the courtship process. In his 2005 film, "Three TImes", critically acclaimed Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien looks at three loves from three time periods: 1911, 1966, and 2005. In it, he depicts love against the backdrop of an ever-changing Taiwan and illustrates the modernization of romance. The first of the stories is set in 1966, and it's titled "A Time for Love". The majority of the action takes place in a pool hall in which May (Shi Qi, who plays the woman in all three parts) works as a hostess. She meets a customer, not unlike any other customer, named Chen (Chang Chen, who plays the man in all three parts), a soldier about to leave for duty. The set up is a bit like Jacques Demy's marvelous "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", and the similarities continue to exist when Chen returns and finds that May is not where he left her. This was unquestionably my favorite of the shorts, as at only a humble forty minutes it's more satisfying than most full length pictures."A Time for Freedom" is the short set in 1911, and Hou Hsiao-hsien shoots the film silently in an apparent tribute to the early films of Yasujiro Ozu. It's a bit of a strange effect, as the way the camera gracefully moves amongst the room, as well as the lush colors and lighting, is far from old-fashioned. The lovers here are Ah Mei, a prostitute, and Chang, a frequent visitor who eventually hopes to "free" Ah Mei.The third story is "A Time for Youth", set in present day Taipei. Jing is a chain-smoking, epileptic, bisexual pop singer. Zhen is a photographer. The two fall in love, however Jing's lesbian lover begins to feel neglected and jealous. Although the second film was the most distancing of the three, I found this one to be the least interesting and flat.I would've sung the praises for "Three Times" had I only seen "A Time for Love", but I found the two other shorts to be problematic and uninvolving. This was an interesting experiment, perhaps too concerned with it's own gimmickry (the homage to silent film didn't work for me), but it ultimately falls flat after it's initial peak.

Octavian (ru) wrote: I refuse to watch any more movies starring denzel washington. his involvement should be taken as a warning.

Daniel K (au) wrote: 2.5: Michael Douglas seems to have had a pretty interesting career. He definitely has the suit down pat and he fits the bill superbly. He's also managed to appear in a number of arguably landmark films that have rather effectively explored evolving sexual politics, although they are always stamped with Hollywood's indelible mark of course. I'm thinking of this, Fatal Attraction, and Basic Instinct, but there may be others I'm forgetting. This is a solid thriller that turns out to have a happy ending. I prefer basic Instinct out of the trifecta though. This could deserve 3 stars, but I'm feeling conservative.

JeanPaul F (jp) wrote: This one made me loose my appetite. That's impressive. And I enjoyed the movie too.

Trevor B (ru) wrote: This Movie is Halirous.. Its a Must See!!

Tim S (ag) wrote: Nightbreed is one of those legendary horror movies that was meddled with quite a bit in its finished form. Having seen the recent release of the director's cut, it was probably for the best. To be honest, this is not a great movie, or even a great love story as Clive Barker had originally intended. What it is instead is charming, mainly because of how stylish it is, how great the score is, and how fantastic the special make-up effects are. This movie seems to have more original make-up designs than nearly any other movie. It also has David Cronenberg as a psychotic killer, which counts for quite a bit. Those are all of its strong points. Its structure, lack of tone, and follow-through on one solid idea are its main weaknesses. I've also had problems with the local cops later in the film who are typical bad cops from cliched B movies, and this movie should be above that sort of thing. I still admire the film for what it is, even if it's a mess. It has plenty in it to keep things interesting and moves at quite a brisk pace.

Ayesha K (us) wrote: Melodies song ever,"hum tumhain chahtay hain aisay"

Daniel A (gb) wrote: The film is made up of the Python's best and most popular sketches from their series but with a better budget that ignites the fires that smelt this movie into Comedy Gold!

Kevin R (ru) wrote: I am a miserable seller of things In 19th century India, three British soldiers, that happen to be best friends, seek to stop an Indian Cult legion and obtain stolen treasures. Working together, they will find love and riches beyond their wildest dreams; however, their lives may be different after this little adventure in ways they never imagined. "I'll tear the back right off you with a shovel." George Stevens, director of Giant, Shane, A Place in the Sun, Vivacious Lady, Annie Oakley, Ocean Swells, The Nitwits, and I Remember Mama, delivers Gunga Din. The storyline for this picture is interesting in a classic "summertime blockbuster" fashion. The settings and action sequences are marvelous for the era and the cast delivers solid performances and includes Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Victor McLaglen, and Douglas Fairbanks. "You unplease me greatly and I'm going to ignore the both of you." I came across this film while flicking through the channels and decided to DVR it based on its marvelous cast and fascinating plot. The movie itself has plenty of flaws and drags out numerous sequences; however, the acting makes up for the films deficiencies. I do recommend seeing this picture if you're a fan of Cary Grant movies. "You're a victim of superior strategy." Grade: B-

Ola G (ca) wrote: Nelson Wright (Kiefer Sutherland), convinces four of his medical school classmates - Joe Hurley (William Baldwin), David Labraccio (Kevin Bacon), Randall Steckle (Oliver Platt) and Rachel Manus (Julia Roberts) - to help him discover what lies beyond death. To do so they conduct clandestine experiments that produce near-death experiences via flatlining. Nelson decides to flatline for one minute before his classmates resuscitate him. While "dead", he experiences a sort of afterlife. He sees a vision of a boy he bullied as a child, Billy Mahoney. He merely tells his friends that he can't describe what he saw, but something is there. The others decide to follow Nelson's daring experiment. Joe flatlines next, and he experiences an erotic afterlife sequence. He agrees with Nelson's claim that something indeed exists. David is third to flatline, and he sees a vision of a black girl, Winnie Hicks (Kimberly Scott), that he bullied in grade school. The three men start to experience vivid hallucinations that are related to their afterlife visions, but Nelson's circumstances are particularly freakish; he is repeatedly physically attacked by Billy Mahoney and each day presents with fresh cuts and wounds. Joe, engaged to be married, is haunted by home videos that he secretly filmed of his sexual trysts with other women. David is confronted by a vision of Winnie Hicks on a train, and she verbally taunts him like he did to her. And when Rachel finally flatlines she ends up getting visions of her dead father. Nelson and the others eventually understand that their visions are connected to repenence of the acts that happend in the past...I havent seen "Flatliners" since I saw it at the movies when it came out in 1990. Really feels like ages ago and you can tell that as well by the pristine and young looks of Sutherland, Baldwin, Bacon, Platt and Roberts. This is a pretty ok existential thriller, but the direction feels maybe a bit out of date with a lot of sweeping zoom ins and this 90s touch/feeling to it. The acting is as well a bit wobbly, but not so it ruins the movie. It carries a bit of a camp stamp as well with a grand story of trying to find out whats beyond death and it ends up with some sort of pseudo religious answer about repenence. Not, that its wrong to repenent stuff we have done and carries as a burden, but Ireckon "Flatliners" creates its own campiness via this storyline. The Washington Post's Rita Kempley wrote in 1990 "Movies about dying, grief and life after death are cropping up like corn in the Field of Dreams as a response to on-screen violence, a reaction to AIDS, a desire for something beyond materialism." and this is something thats still valid 23 years later. Thus, the foundation of the movie is interesting and intriguing, but the end result is not entirely satisfying. I reckon we all feel that there has to be something bigger, something more grand beyond death. Something thats maybe not explainable. What struck me when watching "Flatliners" was how beautiful Julia Roberts were back then. In the wake of "Mystic Pizza" and "Pretty Woman". I had kind of forgotten that. She has lost that spark she had in 1990.Unfortunately. "Flatliners" is ok, but not as good as I remember it was.

John A (it) wrote: A Triumphant Co-Production Between Ireland And Scotland, Which See's A Doomed Romance, Mythical Irish Creatures And An Edinburgh Setting. This Film Is Both A Romance And A Horror, That Works With Its Irish & Scottish Mythology And Its Strong Plot.

Dale W (gb) wrote: I would say this is a great movie, but not really the best. The ending was what I was expecting, so I don't really think it's a interesting story.