Water Wars

Water Wars

This timely documentary uncovers critical water issues facing humanity. It takes the viewer from the floods and droughts in Bangladesh, to dam building in India, water management in the Netherlands and the latest wake-up call in America: the Katrina disaster and the drought in the Southwest. Future wars will be fought over access to fresh water, unless we come together to face this global crisis. Without water there is no life.

This timely documentary uncovers critical water issues facing humanity. It takes the viewer from the floods and droughts in Bangladesh, to dam building in India, water management in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Water Wars torrent reviews

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James H (ru) wrote: Nauseatingly wholesome, I'd rather kids be delinquents than to be this cornball/ They aren't even that talented, poorly acted. Dreadful High School Musical rip-off.

Tatiana M (fr) wrote: Such a sweet movie. I don't understand why it got such bad critics.

Nicole P (es) wrote: Disappointing, for a Bruce Campbell movie.

Thomas H (es) wrote: Brutal, unpleasant and emotionally raw. A brilliant piece of filmmaking.

Nikolaus G (it) wrote: It really is a pity to see Lars von Trier's second film Epidemic to be largely overlooked among the critics of today. Not only may it be his most experimental film; it is also his most personal... so personal, in fact, that he decided to tackle the lead role himself. Apart from that, one would also have to remind himself that this is where the Dogma Manifesto was born, which would inspire classics like Festen and Idiotern. This film chiefly concerns itself with the relationship of a writer and his creations, and powerfully argues whether the author's alter ego may not be a life he would opt for more than his own. Alongside, it in addition deals with other issues that an artist is forced to deal with.It also includes the most disturbing, unbearable finale in cinema history.

Jens T (de) wrote: Among Akira Kurosawa's most untouchable and majestic masterpiece, along with Rashomon and Seven Samurai. In this picture we follow Capt. Arseniev and his men on a journey through to an unknow and uncivilized territorys for reconnaissance and explore the Ussuri region. One night, the group hear some noises from the threes, and an old Nanai hunter named Dersu Uzala who's first being laugh at by the other soldiers for his loosey russian, but is after time more respected and everybody is looking up to him as a saint, because of his survival skills. He became close friend with Capt. Arseniev. This is based on true events. Dersu Uzala is a beautiful picture about the journey through the unknown and merciless mother nature, where the tigers still was the king of the sibirian forrest. There's also this suberb cinematography, the beautiful shot of a horizon with a red sun and a blue moon in the same shot. A movie you don't want to miss.

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Jennifer H (gb) wrote: So, this is the 8th movie I've seen that's about a scarecrow. This one is different because there are multiple scarecrows. It was made in 1988, when I was 4-5 and I'm sure I would've been petrified then, but now not so much. Still entertaining to watch, though.

Andrew L (it) wrote: Shyamalan makes boring films. This is a prime example.

Matt C (es) wrote: Great fun to watch this unique cast!

Grant G (au) wrote: Refreshingly Satirical And Earnest!