Watercolor Postcards

Watercolor Postcards

A Hollywood actress and a former NFL star strive to save a troubled Texas town while bonding over their shared love of a very special 10-year-old girl who has found herself alone in the world for the very first time.

A small town girl returns home only to inherit more problems than she brought. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luis B (ru) wrote: With fresh elements and simple and precise film language, Jan Ole Gerster presents the story of Niko (Tom Schilling), a 27-year-old living in Berlin.For this endearing character things are getting worse each time. With light and ironic humor, however, Niko can gradually overcome the sometimes absurd situations.Much of the charm of the protagonist is the ease with which we can identify ourselves with the character; Niko can be anyone - from those who simply have a bad day, to those who simply go through life without either joy or bitterness.Niko -as contemporary Leopold Bloom- walks around Berlin for 24 hours in an odyssey of unfortunate circumstances. His greatest feat, to get a cup of coffee.Challenging other narratives that only go forward, our Ulysses, victim of the 21 century, accepts his circumstances without questioning and to roam the city. Niko is a casual carefree equilibrist walking nowhere. He is a relevant portrait of an entire generation.As Leopold Bloom, Niko has a particular symbiosis with the environment; in that case Berlin plays a central role to build the identity of the character.Part of the hard work of recreating the Berlin's atmosphere was the responsibility of the cinematographer Philipp Kirsamer. The choice of black and white format could not have been more appropriate because, apart from reflecting the nostalgic glamour of Berlin, the color palette reflects Niko's melancholy. Without strong contrasts of light, the photography helps design the atmosphere of this simple but well-told story.

Ericka Skolka B (br) wrote: This movie had so many turns that kept me at the edge of my seat.

Bannan i (au) wrote: I still am uncertain what to think of this film, the previous Balabanov film was a comedic gem really taking black comedies in the direction you'd think they'd go. Known for his Tarantino-esque sense of humour and combining violence with laughs it was quite enjoyable. However, this story as gritty as it is and how true it may be is something entirely. There's maybe two people in the entire film that have anything close to a conscience. The perfomances are really believable and the violence is almost random acts of brutality. What you're gonna look at me in the wrong way? Fuck you buddy, the military's gonna beat you up. It's just really scary to see how far authority can go..or heck, how corrupt ANYONE could be. Really different, and definitely not for the weak stomachs, either. Although, I did particularly enjoy the political/philosophical debates over copious amounts of moonshine. A curious look into communist russia, for sure.

Alexis G (us) wrote: Hilarious comedy.. no brains needed.. just watch it to relax..

Connie H (kr) wrote: Rudolf Martin is one mighty sexy Vladimir. For a Sci-Fi made for TV movie it was good. Most Sci-Fi movies are horrible with even worse special effects. I love when he is eating dinner in front of the impaled nobles. Classic Dracula pose.

Sharyn H (us) wrote: I found this movie really likeable. Watson's Trixie is completely unconvincing as a PI, but extremely endearing all the same - everything about her seemed so innocent, but she had a few surprises up her sleeve. Nolte's Senator is both disgusting and hilarious - what I loved so much about him was the fact that he was so slimy a character, a fact that surprised me. The quirkiness of this film definitely appealed to me.

Simon D (es) wrote: An indie film with a grumpy, synical outcast girl in doctor Martins (how did Ellen Page not get this role?). Surprisingly, this is more funny than it would at first appear and turns out to be a pretty good film.

Steven W (it) wrote: This is a Suspense movie with some good acting. If you're all about CGI and blowing stuff up, you'll be disappointed. If you like sci fi thrillers, this films for you.

Dylan D (ag) wrote: Beowulf is a standout movie thanks to its wondrous special effects that create a virtual world with the motion captured actors that inhabit it. As a technical achievement, the film is nothing short of superb, a benchmark in the history of special effects that sets a new standard for this type of computer generated effects. Underneath the awe-inspiring veneer is a shallow film devoid of emotion, relying on its look and unquestionably exciting action sequences to further the story. Sadly, there is nothing between the action to capture your attention or emotionally invest you in the picture, as was the case with Beowulf & Grendel.

Trenton R (au) wrote: The opens with decent music and some nice visuals and than slam you into it's vulgar and mean-spirited tone.North isn't only the worst family film ever made, it's the WORST movie I have EVER seen. I can't believe how unfunny it is, I can't believe how cruel and mean spirited it is. And how stupid the characters are. How could these talented actors and directors create this pure evil in cinema? Yeah pure evil, I hate this movie that much, this is the worst film I've ever seen. THE WORST!!!!! No kid should see it, no adult should see it, no one should see it. This is pure evil. PURE EVIL. It has NOTHING TO OFFER ANYONE!!!! Movies are going to have to try hard to get me to hate them as much as North from now on .5/5 Abomination

Shiela E (ag) wrote: This is the movie that officially made me fall in love with alan rickman. he is simply WONDERFUL. they have called it the thinking person's "ghost." I would ammend that and say that "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is "Ghost" without the silly, mystery sub plot. It asks the simple questions what would happen if a departed loved one suddenly came back, and when/how do you move on? This film is amazing; it runs almost the entire gamut of emotions in less than two hours. your heart breaks for Nina then soars when she gets her beloved Jamie back. you laugh at the complications that arise from having her dead lover once more "living" in her apartment and the things he does which irritated her when he was alive she had completely forgotten about. then during its final third, the film takes another abrupt, darker turn, and you find yourself in tears. I still can not get all the way through it without crying. if you like movies with a lot of action, this isn't for you, but if you enjoy character studies, films that illuminate human nature and our relationships, you will love it. all you fan girls who only know the wonder that is alan rickman as severus snape need to check this one out. I'll take jamie any day over the mysterious, grumpy professor.

Fong K (it) wrote: A trio of golden achievement in acting from Oscar-winning Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn and Jane Fonda radiates in this pleasantly balmy Hallmark-esque family drama that reflects upon aging, mortality and reconciliation.

vivaswan p (fr) wrote: well the movie was very realistic and well directed.acting part of preity zinta was really nice and was very well related to the life of doctors

Gregory C (ag) wrote: INCREDIBLE! i need to go out and buy this.

Vincent H (jp) wrote: I enjoyed it because it's Abbott and Costello but even then, the jokes seemed a little too thin and hackneyed. Also, this incarnation of the Mummy was the worst one I've ever seen. The "bandages" looked more like a painted jumpsuit. Ah well, at least I still loved watching Abbott and Costello.

Chris S (us) wrote: Probably my favourite zombie /post-apocalyptic film in recent years. The zombies are scary but so are the humans.

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - Late Spring 2008 in theaters)

Jaime A (kr) wrote: A complex but mediocre story.

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Um americano praticamente falido vai at a Arbia Saudita tentar vender a ideia de vdeo-conferncia em holograma, porm feito de trouxa pelo rei e ningum quer receb-lo, sendo que aps muito tempo recebido e o Rei gosta muito da ideia, mas dias depois chega um chines e vende a mesma coisa pela metade do preo, porm os sauditas oferecem um emprego e ele acaba ficando na arbia e se apaixona por uma mdica....