Carter, a troubled teen stays with a friend of his dads and starts flirting with her son Danny. After the weekend school returns, however Carter a school jock tells Danny he does not want to be seen with him at school. Their relationship grows outside school hours though & soon enough Danny falls in love with Carter & after Danny is attacked romance ensures, but can it last.

When a gifted, young artist (Danny) arrives at the opening of his first New York exhibition his erotic paintings trigger memories of his first love (Carter)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan R (ag) wrote: Spoiler Alert:It was just another zombie movie. Yeah. Can't get enough of those damn zombies, can you, Hollywood?Once this movie finished and the credits roll, you realize just how many "leads" were incredibly pointless and didn't tell you anything whatsoever. So many "red herrings" and none of them go anywhere. I mean, I guess that's the point of a red herring, but they make certain objects and characters to be or to have mysterious aspects, when they were only background objects meant to keep you hooked. It was SUCH a disappointment, that just calling it a disappointment is being generous to it.Like I said, this was just another zombie film, exactly identical to the millions of movies it heavily borrows from. The "plot" started out intriguing enough (a man waking up in a mass grave with no memory), but then you start to understand that it's just like all of those other "I woke up with amnesia and now I have to find out who is a hero and who is an enemy" films. Which would be almost fine if it wasn't a waste of time.Some of the acting was acceptable, but the characters, with or without memory loss, were ignorant. You rooted from them to die. And they were supposed to be scientists?Avoid it. It sucks.

Cyn H (it) wrote: Without question, this movie appealed to my romantic sensibilities! I loved it. I loved Parker's character in all her full-fledged neurosis. She was believable to me. This film caught a lot of criticism for it's Hollywood ending, but I wanted the happy ending myself. I'll watch this one again. Hello, Melvil Poupaud.....

Alex H (mx) wrote: Exemplary B scifi/horror. The mostly functional dialogue and acting are never much of an issue thanks to the pacing. Questions are raised as quickly as others are answered, yet all while everything keeps chugging forward effortlessly. Few movies are this good at building a backstory while keeping a breathless pace. The effects are fantastic. The alien's design is both endearingly cheesy and brutal. If all cheap-ish (though at $8,000,000, this has a bigger budget than most straight-to-DVD horror flicks) horror movies were this good, I'd die a happy man. Fuck the haters. If you enjoy horror movies, you should love the hell outta Altered.

Christopher M (de) wrote: Not very good.... bad filmography and lighting and everything...

Michael T (de) wrote: Unusual film combines real-life drama with fictional recreations.

Trinity C (de) wrote: Myths are interesting...

Leena L (mx) wrote: Entertaining and very scary, in the times of Ebola and all kinds of mad men around. One of the victims, funnily enough, Dr. McDreamy, dying painfully.Dustin Hoffman, I am glad he has several new films coming out after many years just doing voices for animations.

Vivian G (br) wrote: It's funny but an old movie I like how it's about a married couple that go to a mall on their anniversary then decides to tell each other that they had affairs. This didn't go well lol. I find it funny for an anniversary present don't go big and but a surfboard unless you want to Carry it throughout the mall and then forget were you put it.

Daniel S (de) wrote: i couldnt get into this film,i didnt care about the main character, it could be Im kinskied out at this point, tho the story didnt interest me enough to rewatch it

Thomas P (kr) wrote: Takes its time rolling out the crazy, but when it comes, it screams along like a train without brakes. Intense, imaginative, great performances, and a thrilling story all come together to make it great.Enjoy the ride. And what a ride!5 glares of crazy out of 5

John R (ca) wrote: 160520: Wasn't really sure what I had seen the first time I watched this film. Did some research, watched the first 30 minutes again and realized it was exactly what I thought it was. With that, I'm still a bit ambivalent. A character driven film revolving around prohibition, organized crime and the notion of loyalty. In hindsight, liked it more than not. Looking forward to seeing it again as I feel I will appreciate the nuances more the next time. As actors go, Bryne (Reagan) and Harden (Verna) are an acquired taste and I don't believe I have acquired that taste as of yet. Many of the other characters are quite enjoyable however including Leo (Finney), Caspar (Polito), Bernie (Turturro), and Frankie (Starr). A couple flaws I picked up on were annoying.

Ben B (gb) wrote: some rich moments (shooting watermelons) but was way too long for what it was.

Adam R (kr) wrote: After a dull beginning I was really caught off guard. This ended up being an excellent thriller. (First and only full viewing - 9/15/2014)

Arjun A (nl) wrote: For lovers of the Bard and his theater.