A Nazi spy passes himself off as an optometrist in San Francisco's waterfront district. Someone robs him of his code book, and he must get it back.

A Nazi spy passes himself off as an optometrist in San Francisco's waterfront district. Someone robs him of his codebook, and he must get it back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dsire S (br) wrote: Wunderschner Film ber Familie, Leidenschaft und gutes Essen in schner Landschaft in Frankreich.

Susanna M (kr) wrote: I love Ming-Na Wen, but... Low-budget. Boring. Generally speaking, poor acting.

Brad S (it) wrote: Awkward and irregular like its star, Ping Pong Summer has its moments of nostalgia and quirkiness, but a lot of it's story and characters feel sadly undeveloped. But it was worth a watch just for the flashbacks to my teenage years in the 80's.

Jason M (ca) wrote: Ip Man is the greatest martial arts film I have ever seen. Actually, it's less of a martial arts film than an embellished docu-drama. Regardless, it has creates a hero of a deserving, positive role model moulded from a humble and virtuous Chinese master. Donnie Yen is magnificent in the title role. This is a true children's (and adult) role model, unlike Superman or Batman. I am definitely watching the 2 sequels!As a sidenote, the Chinese propaganda at the end is a laugh, where it states that after 8 years of occupation, the Chinese drove the Japanese out in 1945, when they unconditionally surrendered. As if Big Man and Little Boy had nothing to do with Japan's unconditional surrender in 1945.

Dr N (ru) wrote: Abduction; You're doing it wrong!

Zachary Y (gb) wrote: Jackie Moon, Coffee Black and the whole crew deliver laughs

Brett H (nl) wrote: Ugh, what a pointless, practically note-for-note remake of the fantastic original that is horribly mis-cast and feels like everyone phoned it in for a paycheck. I checked out of this thing after 25 minutes when I realized that I was just waiting for all the classic scenes (and kills) to rear their heads and see if they're as effective as the original: the answer is no. John Moore is a terrible director and tries to add stuttery images, jump scares, and a freakin dream sequence to scare you in the most cliche of ways. The only delight I had watching this version was seeing Mia Farrow play the nanny, but alas, she's not given much to do and she's hardly on screen. Just watch the original.

Abigail H (ag) wrote: very funny, good film

bill s (de) wrote: Nice premise but an average poorly shot movie.

Anthony B (kr) wrote: I remember this. I sooo envied him cuz she was pretty hot. I still want to be a spy in Europe!!!

Taylor V (ca) wrote: This is definitely a thinking movie. Despite the fact that it's a film based on euthanasia and a patient's right to choose it, it was actually sort of disturbingly happy-ish and funny. Not to say that it wasn't depressing. Most of it was pretty depressing, but there was so much black humor that it made it not as depressing as it might have been without it. I thought it was a wonderful movie with wonderful performances from all the actors. Even if you don't believe in euthanasia, this movie presents two extremely strong cases for and against it, which may leave you reassessing your view on it.

Anthony K (kr) wrote: In typical Noah Baumbach fashion, "While We're Young" captures the idiosyncrasies of stalling out in upper middle class society to a t. While initially the characters (especially Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried's farcical Brooklynites), may seem a little overdone, the film uses this to its advantage, slowly peeling back the curtain to reveal who everyone really is. As a commentary on the changing state of documentary film and the curtailing of expectations to live a full life, "While We're Young" is a thought-provoking exercise. Although admittedly it may stuff in too much indie quirk for some. 7.2/10