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Way of Nature

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John R (nl) wrote: 120902: B Western that seemed to start very well. Cool sound effects, violent shootout and deaths right out of the gate. Then into a rambling, generally pointless meandering story. I was surprised by the use of the F word throughout. I didn't know, and was again surprised to learn you can sniff the face of a female to determine if she is a lesbian (hey, I didn't add this to the story). Again, some neat shootouts, weapons and bad guy characters but terrible acting, in particular Allison Gordon. And what's with Sheree Wilson's lips?

Walter M (it) wrote: In "Hyde Park on Hudson," Daisy(Laura Linney) spends most of her days caring for her invalid aunt(Eleanor Bron). That holds true until she is summoned by her cousin Franklin(Bill Murray). To her, it does not matter that he is the president of the United States, just that he makes her laugh. And she makes a good companion for him, especially in giving him hand jobs. That holds true until a planned visit by the king(Samuel West) and queen(Olivia Colman) of England.Have you ever heard of a movie getting trampled by bad reviews and then wondered how it could ever be that bad when it apparently has everything going for it? And then watched it only to find out that yes it is that bad? Well, for me, that movie is "Hyde Park on Hudson" which contains lots of lovely period detail and technically fine performances but outside of Olivia Williams as Eleanor Roosevelt, all of this is as lively as the average wax museum.(When are we getting that Eleanor Roosevelt biopic anyway?) Plus, there is the repetitive and unnecessary narration and a point of view that is superfluous at best which admittedly does point out that British American relations were a little rough in the years before PBS.

Pui T (br) wrote: like this kind of movie^^^I guess hk really does lack this type of movies!but I think this is not general hk people wouild like!

Venkatesh G (au) wrote: A very well scripted film. Others have said it all here...

Tanmart S (kr) wrote: Pretty funny movie about a movie based on a book. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are well cast in this farce.

Matthew P (ca) wrote: Weird plot but a good movie nonetheless. Too bad it has Tom Barman ego stink all over it...

Julio B (kr) wrote: It's entertaining despite some sketchy acting by several main cast members. Baldwin is good in his role of a wiseguy. Imagine a junior high version of A Bronx Tale and you have Brooklyn Rules (which isn't that great of a title to begin with).

Quinto W (ru) wrote: This is the kind of film that's so lazy, we're supposed to believe Bijou Philips's character is the ultimate rebel just because it's played by Bijou Phillips (and, literally, because she uses some stairs in her school), random friendships are made and broken the quickest ways possible and every character is completely useless to the story (whenever there's an attempt at one).

Emily D (us) wrote: Love this movie!!! And I usually hate love stories

Mad M (it) wrote: Classic. Well done. Great performances, especially Rickman.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: It is sillier compared to the previous Evil Dead movies and clearly made for a younger audience, but even if it loses steam after a while, it benefits from those moments of hysteria and absurdity that made the second movie so funny, with Bruce Campbell screaming out of control.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: Sick, twisted and wrong -- I just love this silly movie. For those of us who loved those early Cheech & Chong movies when we were kids sneaking into the movie cinema --- it appears to be made for us.

Jake A (fr) wrote: An improvement over the first film purely because we get see Middle-Earth be expanded upon with new characters and additional world building while also improving upon the action with an epic battle at Helm's Deep. The production, the score, the script, the direction and the cinematography are all kept to a high standard and quite frankly it only suffers from what the first film did in terms of being open ended coupled with a lackluster ending.