We Are Not Angels

We Are Not Angels

Angel and the devil fight for the soul of a Belgrade playboy who made a young girl pregnant.

Angel and the devil fight for the soul of a Belgrade playboy who made a young girl pregnant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lewis E (mx) wrote: (1.5 stars)Not a bad premise for a christmas comedy. May I suggest including some jokes next time perhaps?

Gavin S (de) wrote: The perfect art house film. Loved how the movie was set in Laos and based on real events. The village scenes were ridiculously realistic. Even though I had to read subtitles all the way through the dialogue was great and everything tied in perfectly together.

Ryan G (jp) wrote: If you go into this with a Hollywood mindset you'll be disappointed. It is not so much a comedy as it is a radiant postcard to the possibilities of age and the power of community. There isn't much of a plot but it becomes more of what the Times' Stephen Holden called, "a slender Chekhovian vignette."

Nicole W (gb) wrote: I loved this movie. It was amazing, very touching. The whole movie wafiguring out if she was raoed or not and why she was so messed up.

Paul M (br) wrote: jaw dropping funny. tender and sweet as well

Brad S (ca) wrote: A great documentary with an excellent soundtrack by DJ Shadow.

Melissa C (ca) wrote: Great movie for kids.

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Lefteris Z (es) wrote: She the dance moves between N.Wood and Mel Ferrer.

Jackie T (kr) wrote: Very dramatic for Elvis. Sad movie. Sad ending.

Matthew H (br) wrote: Reportedly Kubrick's favorite film of his own as well as being his last feature film, Eyes Wide Shut is definitely an excellent movie. The non-linear story is very deep and can be easily missed if taken at face value.

Dan T (es) wrote: This is one of the scarier first-person paranormal films I have seen, but that's not saying much when most of the film is a non suspenseful rip off of Ghost Hunters, with a few jump scares.

DeJon D (gb) wrote: Open Season is as funny and entertaining as the Madagascar movies. Open Season has great animation, humorous jokes, and great characters.

Dwight J (es) wrote: It's a very realistic movie done from many points of view, but it's hard to watch the US Army get slaughtered so bad.

Keith H (es) wrote: 3 Stars, it's like The Blair witch but with a bigfoot