We Are the Freaks

We Are the Freaks

Three misfits embark on a weekend they will never forget.

Three misfits embark on a weekend they will never forget. The film is directed by Justin Edgar. It is about three misfits making an important decision to have a weekend which make them never forget. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kara H (nl) wrote: Teenagers and kids committing crimes are serving life sentences without parole. Talk about serious regret, no doubt. Damn. This documentary tells their stories.

Cristbal S (gb) wrote: I can't imagine the characters of this movie being more annoying or stupid, it's pretty predicable, and not as inteligent as it wants to be. It's hard to believe that they made a franchise from this piece of garbage.

Avery J (es) wrote: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........

Leigh R (jp) wrote: Very black and white views on where the truth really lies. Yes, it was a shameful act in history that people ought to know about, but who's to say FOR SURE what really happened then. People need to know the CORRECT AND KNOWN facts and then make up their own mind from there. However, there was one great line in one of the special features that sums up what I believe... God save us from men doing God's work. AMEN!!!

Roman L (es) wrote: A bunch of bored rich teenagers decide to play a game - they agreed to film every sexual act they have. Their new game destroys their relationships and gets dangerous. The movie is quite twisted. Not your Hollywood flick with happy end.

Dane W (it) wrote: Better than it's predecessor, this sequel improves on the franchise. the second installment flourishes and takes a darker tone even if it's 161 minutes long.

Grady H (es) wrote: One of the best post apocalyptic zombie movies ever made and another cheesy 80's classic

Erik G (ag) wrote: This is the film Seijun Suzuki make just before Youth of the Beast, when he decided that the rules of conventional film style no longer applied to him. Suzuki was pushing the envelope with a strange angle here, unrealistic lighting there, but for the most part this is pretty conventional. The greatest movie title ever. Also, the legendary action hero/human chipmunk Jo Shishido has a dance number.

Michael H (de) wrote: An honest and un-biased look at an American sub-culture boosted by well-acted performances from promising new-comers. An instant classic that ages well with our growing society 25 years later.

Dylan W (ag) wrote: 3 1/2This is prop my favorite Eddie Murphy movie. Fun idea that was well executed. The great Samuel L Jackson has a small role in the movie. The Barber scene is the greatest. Overall a pretty funny movie I would highly recommend it.