We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are

In this reimagining of the 2010 Mexican film of the same name, director Jim Mickle paints a gruesome portrait of an introverted family struggling to keep their macabre traditions alive, giving us something we can really sink our teeth into.

We Are What We Are is a horror film revolves around family Parkers, a reclusive family following to ancient custom. But one day the secret of their existence was threatened. That made the members in the family headed by Frank began to worry. And two daughters Iris and Rose was forced to take on a responsibility. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julian N (mx) wrote: Not vert funny. Lots of plot holes and odd uninteresting characters.

Roy C (gb) wrote: The nun thinks she's Baraka.

Ethan L (ca) wrote: It's like watching the worst American Pie sequel, only with zombies.

Samantha M (mx) wrote: I find Blue Streak quite entertaining. I've watched multiple times and find it hilarious every single time.

Jesse G (mx) wrote: Funny movie with great characters and very quotable

Kevin M (au) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie; it's so 80's, but that's one of the things that makes it great. Kurt Russell plays Dean, a carpenter who is also a single father to four boys. He takes on a job for Joanna, an extremely rich and ignorant woman who takes advantage of Dean's carpentry skills and decides not to pay him. Eventually, something happens to Joanna and she gets amnesia and remembers nothing about her past. Dean then calls her his wife and uses her for house chores. The beginning is a little goofy, I admit, but it becomes such a warm story of family and parenthood. Despite the ending being a little predictable, I was totally fine with it. Overall, Overboard is one of the defining movies of the 80's and still holds it's charm to this day.

Jose Miguel G (es) wrote: The visuals are the strongest aspect of this flick, but the dull narrative and total miss of Moore's graphic novel essence makes this thriller almost a joker of the character its based on.