We Own the Night

We Own the Night

A New York nightclub manager tries to save his brother and father from Russian mafia hitmen.

Bobby Green is a manager of a Gotham's hottest clubs, but behind the scene it is a blind eye to monitor criminal activities. Bobby will be a target of the city's dangerous criminals if his sensitive information is revealed . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David C (de) wrote: I hate war films and i never really get the story, however the plot was very clear, most of the characters were great and the war scenes were also pretty good. I quite enjoyed it

Jess H (au) wrote: A perfect example of bare-bones Indy film making. It's a horrifying commentary on us young members of society and the desensitization of our generation. It's haunting, unique, and worth at least one time through with an open mind.

Michael D (ca) wrote: an incredible story and a very good film. unfortunately in its originality, quite predictable and cliched... marianne, i will always love you!

keasia b (gb) wrote: good movie , I love it

Grant H (kr) wrote: Good movie. Very cool, very action packed, good performances from cast.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Pretty funny in places, The story was good and I don't think its been done before, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder both play their parts well which is why the film is as good as it is.

Lee M (mx) wrote: Wenders, it seems, was justifiably upset with the studio for its cutting up of his baby and forcing on him too many reshoots and script rewrites.

Sanni S (fr) wrote: One of my favorites!

William W (fr) wrote: This was a solid and very satisfying sequel to 'The Robe' for me. I have both a soft spot for swords-and-sandals epics of days gone by, and a preferential fondness for films from cinema's studio glory days of the 20's to 60's--not to mention my enjoyment of earlier Daves' classics such as 'The Petrified Forest', 'Dark Passage' and 'Destination Tokyo'--so this was like a fine red wine for me.

Willian S (ru) wrote: Melhor performance de Deniro e Scorsese!

Vadm M (au) wrote: A very impressionable film which deals with human psychology at a very critical level. Not for the faint hearted.

Archer F (br) wrote: The movie might have been good or great if Ashton Kutcher hadn't acted Steve Jobs as an antagonist.

Andy P (it) wrote: Yeah, it's not great, but this cheesy and ridiculous B grade horror film stars Jennifer Aniston, in her film debut, fighting off a killer Leprechaun. So, even though it's bad, if you like stupid campy horror, like I do, then check it out! It's not exactly terrible, but what do you expect with a plot like that? Have fun!