We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Captain New Eyes travels back in time and feeds dinosaurs his Brain Grain cereal, which makes them intelligent and non-violent. They agree to go to the Middle Future in order to grant the wishes of children in New York city. They are to meet Dr. Bleeb of the Museum of Natural History, but get sidetracked with their new children friends and run into the Captain's evil brother, Professor

Captain New Eyes travels back in time and feeds dinosaurs his Brain Grain cereal, which makes them intelligent and nonviolent. They agree to go to the Middle Future (this era) in order to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sam M (it) wrote: Wow this totally blew me away. Apart from the manner in which she dealt with her boyfriends passing, I could totally relate to this character. The rave scenes in particular just transported me back to those crazy nights. Great cinematography, and a smashing soundtrack (which I must find and buy)

Sarah K (gb) wrote: [b]Coral Reef Adventure (2002)[/b]

Adam E (fr) wrote: Sweet and funny, more than a satire of campus films. Calls into question the need to be popular and fit in. Really enjoyed the way the characters come to find something better in themselves than the way they are labeled by society.

Samuel M (kr) wrote: Yoshitaka Kawajiri es uno de esos creadores de anime que deben tener su seguimiento de culto porque es capaz de entregarnos obras realmente bellas en su animacin y repletas de accin y entretenimiento.Est Bloodlust no est nada lejos, y por el momento es la mejor adaptacin en anime que existe del famoso cazador de vampiros D. Una historia interesante, repleta de personajes complejos que aunque parten de los clsicos clichs japoneses, tienen arcos de evolucin y su propia historia. Genial por ejemplo Meier Link como ese antihroe.La animacin es exquisita, totalmente en la lnea de otros fantsticos trabajos de Kawajiri como Ninja Scroll.Un "must see" de la animacin japonesa.

barry h (kr) wrote: 2 1/2-5 stars a movie trying to hard of being the next it's a mad mad mad mad world and animal house

Ryan P (it) wrote: Hmm, lets see a movie that has puppets who curse, swear, shed blood, have sex and kill each other? Nah not interested

Juuso L (kr) wrote: Russel's carnevalistic and eclectic look at the life of the great composer was one of my biggest favourites during my teen years. I think they showed Lisztomania in our national tv back in 87-88 or sumpn. I taped it, and watched it over and over again. I've probably seen this more than 30 times and it still rocks like a motherfucker. :)

Kevin R (br) wrote: Sort of a PG exploitation film. Women who are experimented on and tortured by Nazis on a remote island. No real violence or nudity though.

Jason P (nl) wrote: Superb and tense. One of my Dad's favourite films and he has passed it on to me.

Wade H (au) wrote: Riddled with implausible and noticeable plot-holes that try to make a shock for the ending, concludes with a whimper. The effects and dialogue are laughable. Despite the silly climax, Freeman does a good job as Alex Cross.

Michael F (it) wrote: ok, but kinda boring

Don S (gb) wrote: I'm a Mel Gibson fan. His views do not effect his acting ability. Braveheart and The Patriot are among my favorite movies. This is not as good as either of those, but I really enjoyed it. Gibson is looking for the murderer of his daughter and stumbles upon a politically charged mess. His character gets away with too much chicanery to be believable, but it worked for me. The ending was corny to the utmost conceivable degree. Still, very good.

cornelius t (ca) wrote: however cult this movie is supposed to be it's just horrible even for the time period it came out in.