We're Going Separate Ways

We're Going Separate Ways

A group of partisan illegals entangled in a love triangle during Ustasha reign in Nazi-occupied Zagreb.

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Sam O (fr) wrote: The sequel was slightly cheesy because the fact that there was a castle on Rechienbach falls...yes as I said previously I liked the fact that they do it their own way BUT if you basing a film on the book then don't add a castle or anything stupid like that into it...but we're waiting for the sequel to see how he actually faked his death

Jenn M (br) wrote: I'm not sure I liked this at all. it started off reeeaaallly slow, by the halfway point, I still didn't have a clue what was supposed to be going on and then the story actually started. By then, I was more annoyed and the ending didn't make up for it. I expected better from the cast

Laura H (us) wrote: two words - The Rock

Nancy M (de) wrote: Really awesome movie!

Sanity Assassin (ag) wrote: not as silly as the cover makes it look. this action flick actually has a story. yes,.. it's good. it's not often you see a bad french movie. they seem to know how to make 'em. love it when virginie goes mental on de boers ass. good acting from karole rocher

Janette R (it) wrote: A slow movie about polygamy that leads to craziness and games between 4 ladies.

Matthew M (nl) wrote: very goofy, but entertaning for those who enjoy stallone

Guillaume H (it) wrote: To me his most vivid movie, (my 3rd favorite of him) the actors carry the whole life of their caracters on their body at every second. Dialogues are inherently monologues, and the screen composition emphasise with no pity how every man stands alone, and how they can grasp for a feeling of togetherness. His bleakest message, but somehow never feels negative, honest. And the Ingrid thulin final monologue is worth rewinding 10 times.

Jude P (br) wrote: Norton at it's best and much better than the squeals.