We're Not Married!

We're Not Married!

A Justice of the Peace performed weddings a few days before his license was valid. A few years later five couples learn they have never been legally married. Annabel Norris, already Mrs. Mississippi and ready to enter the Mrs. America contest, is now free to enter the Miss Mississippi contest.

In separate stories, five wedded couples learn that they are not legally married. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris N (de) wrote: they tried to turn something that could have been great tokyo shock into a revenge fueled drama, but it just didn't quite work. Instead you have a movie with bad pacing that's parts just don't match up and story just isn't strong enough to pull it through

Kevin L (jp) wrote: Even with cheese, melodrama, or ridiculous moments, 3 Idiots effortlessly wins our hearts over with charm, heartfelt morals, and passionate characters

Mick B (ca) wrote: Absolutely dismal!!!!! So corny a farmer could harvest it and the acting is just atrocious....

Philip W (us) wrote: Very good movie, recommend to see this one, based on a true story, of course put a hollywood touch to it.

Chandni S (ca) wrote: Deserves around 3.8 or so but ratings is not that sophisticated...anyway it's a very cute well acted movie and enjoyed every minute of it.

Charles H (es) wrote: Lassie. Who doesn't know Lassie? The world-famous collie, whose legend started way back in the 50s. In this latest remake, it's kinda nostalgic watching it. Brings back memories when I was young, watching how Lassie changes lives and also saves them. In this one, Lassie goes on a journey that could jeopardize her life, and along the way, you can't help but cry, and cry, and cry, and cry. And cry...... *quote from Dave White* ;P

CHIYANG T (nl) wrote: (2013/07/12/web) not bad...(especially the director is Wong Jing...)

aimee a (mx) wrote: Alright, this is no masterpiece, that's a given. It's just a cheeky and fun sixties british movie about an agent (Monica Vitti) who is like the female version of James Bond BUT has some incredible special powers- she can magically change her hair & her wardrobe. snap! This is honestly a laugh fest, guaranteed to give anyone some comedic relief. Also, it's a testament of how amazing the sets in the 60's were. They don't make em like they used to. I have a huge crush on Terrence Stamp in this movie, who is Vitti's or Modesty's partner in crime. Oh, who am I kidding, I have a huge crush on sixties era Terrence Stamp. Can I really blame myself with those beautiful blue eyes that exude so much danger and mystery? Ahem. What other fun things will you experience? Possibly Dirk Bogarde as a criminal who fancies umbrellas and really huge wine drinking glasses.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Silly comedy of straight laced Lemmon having to pose the husband of sexy neighbor Romy Schneider to help her inherit millions. It's a silly door slamming sex comedy, but the fun cast elevates the trite material.

Carlton R (us) wrote: Classic Horror about a group of soldiers in Scotland who come across a gravel pit which emanates an unusual amount of Radiation, many deaths follow,and of course the team must find a way to stop this radioactive horror. Lots of well known stars, good acting and a good story, make it a compelling budget thriller, The special effects are well done for the time,Look out for Johnny Briggs, I think, But he was later in coronation street

Simon D (fr) wrote: Great film, one you can watch with a passion. If you get wrapped up in it then you go through a rollercoaster ride of emotions for those who were involved. You are also waiting to see how they managed the effects at the end, and for 1955, they do a good job.

Kelly K (gb) wrote: This was so funny and quite sweet. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have been working together for years and they always make such a great team. It is also really nice to see blended families represented in movies like this.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: A hilarious political satire with a witty dialogue and a deliciously British sense of humor that I imagine is not for everyone - and Peter Capaldi is priceless and steals the show every time he appears, swearing insanely and shouting the f-word to everyone.

Per Gunnar J (br) wrote: I remembered this film as a bit better than I thought it wasnow when re-watching it. I was especially dissapointed atthe constant recycling of scenes. The same bloody aircraftwent into the see in the same way umpteen times forinstance.

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