We the Party

We the Party

In Los Angeles, five high-school friends deal with romance, money, prom, college, sex, bullies, Facebook, fitting in, standing out, and finding themselves.

Set in Los Angeles, We the Party tells the story of five high-school friends who deal with romance, money, prom, college, sex, bullies, Facebook, fitting in, standing out, and finding themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Santiago R (nl) wrote: No me siento cmodo calificando este documental. Su razn de ser es bastante slida, es bella y hasta potica. Dicho esto, me aburri hasta la inconsciencia y durante toda la pelcula me pregunt qu me importaban los devenires de una familia canadiense. La pieza no es mala, solo aburrida.

leo u (mx) wrote: Very deep. makes you think about how well of one is.2

Joanie M (it) wrote: Hope its not over hyped because of a famous rapper & Deniro. These two are in another film together too

Mary M W (us) wrote: There is no good word for how bad this is. Acting is horrible, it was like watching a really, really bad play while you had the flu

Victor P (br) wrote: A very moving true story that highlights the craziness that exists in the border relations between India and Pakistan. Some good performances by the child actors and the entire supporting cast.

Justin T (ca) wrote: A strange mix of love and conman movies. Some laughs are to be had and some tears to be shed.

Mloy X (es) wrote: As much as it pains me (an anime geek to the core) to criticize any animated fim (which in my humble opinion are always much superior to a lot of their live-action counterparts now-a-days), I just can't overlook how bad this one was. I gave this movie half a star for a promising story, its too bad it epically failed to deliver. It started off pretty slow and boring; God knows I was going to quit watching after the first 20 minutes but I figured I'd stick around before I completely panned it. The verdict: This film sucked and just so you guys don't think I'm just being overly judgemental, let me countdown the reasons it sucked: 1) The animation was pretty crude is some parts (Delgo jumping around during the first stampede scene comes to mind) that was pretty distracting and pulls me (the audience) completely out of the story. If you can't make Pixar quality 3D animation, stick to traditional, 2d, hand-drawn animation....really, there's no shame in that. It worked for Nickleodeon's Avatar The Last Airbender. 2) The voice acting sucked. Louis Gossett Jr. was sssssooooo bad-- I mean I thought the animation was wooden but Goddamn, the voice acting was more so. This is the problem with animated films, just because you cast "big name" actors to do the voices doesn't necessarily mean they are able to....I mean lets face it, not every actor can pull a Mark Hamill. So Holywood please leave the voice acting to the professionals-- professional voice actors that is. Think what Jody Benson did for "The Little Mermaid" and compare that to what Chris Kattan did with Filo......great voice actors makes a hell of a difference. And speaking of Filo, 3) The humor wasn't funny. Did anyone really laugh at this crap? Seriously? In fact, the beginning sequence where Delgo goes over the cliff and Filo thinks he's talking from beyond, that was so 80's? 70's? What the hell people? You can't think of something funnier? Kattan's Filo was so painful to watch, if he had been muzzled for the rest of the film that would have been funnier! And last but not least, 4)The characters were lame. For 3D characters they sure were pretty one dimensional. I mean sure Delgo had some sort of growth but everyone else failed to make a connection with me-- the audience. When ***SPOILER ALERT*** Bogardus died near the end, I couldn't care less. By contrast, in the anime "Nadesico" when the character Guy died by the end of episode 1 and in the beginning of episode 2, I nearly cried and stopped watching the rest of the series in protest! I mean, make me care about the characters so I care about their adventure. Like I mentioned before: watch Nickleodeon's Avatar The Last Airbenderfor a great cast of complex characters.

Blake E (it) wrote: Looking at the cover of this film I expected some really cheesy B-grade film, but what I got was a really intense film that had me on the edge of my seat all the way throughout. I really enjoyed it.

Chris S (ru) wrote: Too depressing for me. The constant typing at the beginning quite annoyed me. I don't see any real motivation for Hoshino to just suddenly become a bully besides the extraordinary events that happened during their vacation. And the only character who I could sympathize with is Kuno, the one bullied by the other girls. The J-pop music, dream-like sequences and the creepily caricatured girls remind me of a mediocre anime.

Stephanie S (it) wrote: This movie was terrible. It's the typical poor quality Adam Sandler movie. There's no intelligent jokes or humor.

James H (ru) wrote: 3.5/10. It really makes me wonder why filmmakers and stars decide to make films like this. What were they thinking? Why? It's a not very funny comedy, often insulting, with only a few amusing bits here and there. The cast is unenthusiastic, I can understand why.

stella e (kr) wrote: not sure about this one not seen it just had dance on it why choose it

John T (gb) wrote: Excellent cinematography, a sort of pre-cursor to the amazing work done in BARAKA

Brandon D (ru) wrote: Worst movie I've ever seen. Acting was laughable, band was terrible, and even the title is odd. best line in the movie...the killer calls the woman and says this line, possibly the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in a movie: "I want to feel your hot steamy pussy blood on my face." is that a threat? no, its just gross.

Connor G (ag) wrote: This had some incredible things to say about the oversexualization of the human body, both male and female, and the effect on the objectified because of that. Unfortunately, the production value was so dreadfully bad it dragged the whole thing down.

Wahida K (mx) wrote: Plot:Journal d'un cure de Campagne is about a young priest who, whilst suffering from an illness, is assigned to a new parish in a French country village. The story is told by the priests recounting of his experiences in his diary.

Brandie C (es) wrote: Watched for B movie night and was pleasantly surprised. Great for fans of Shaun of the Dead.

Jackson M (de) wrote: Just as good, if not better than the original.

Andy T (gb) wrote: Though containing a bunch of future stars and having some pure comedic moments, Wet Hot American Summer ultimately lacks solid characters to actually make anyone care about its story, which went nuts upon itself.