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Some things are best kept private. Some things can't be.

Some things are best kept private. Some things can't be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif K (nl) wrote: movie was nice, not the best but still enjoyable. Deepika performed really well, loved her in this movie, music is not good though. slightly disappointed, screenplay and plot is weak at places. the performance at the end was awsome.

Walter M (fr) wrote: "I Served the King of England" starts sometime in the 1960's with Jan Dite(Oldrich Kaiser), "a small man from a small town," getting amnesty from his 15 year jail sentence, after serving 14 years and 9 months. To add to his predicament, he is forced to move to the frontier where he encounters Marcela(Zuzana Fialova) which rekindles memories of himself as a young man(Ivan Barnev) who began his career in food service as a hot dog vendor at the train station in Prague before moving on to become a waiter at a bar. It is there that Jaruska(Petra Hrebickova), the new woman at the local bordello, walks in soaking wet one day. "I Served the King of England" is a darkly comic, gorgeously rendered, and sensual movie that starts Jan's story innocently enough with a silent movie homage. In fact, he does remind me of a Chaplinesque hero who suffers under the weight of the world while trying to make it a better place through a smile. However, Jan has more important things on his mind than just service, dreaming of becoming a millionaire and opening his own elite hotel. That along with his love of women(I had not noticed they are all taller than him until it is pointed out) drives him in his life, as he also has a naughty habit of dropping coins to tempt the rich.(This reminds me of Abbie Hoffman and Co. dropping money at the New York Stock Exchange. This event says everything you need to know about capitalism.) At the same time, Jan loses track of important events happening around him which leads to both his physical and moral downfall.

Seb A (nl) wrote: Abysmal on all fronts except for the soundtrack.

Leonard D (us) wrote: If you're showing off one of the most retarded jokes in the history of cinema, then you know that something is sinisterly wrong with your film. A huge step back from one of the most heartfelt features ever made!

Adam E (br) wrote: Clouseau is missing, the Pink Panther is missing, and so is a point.

VJ B (mx) wrote: Only movie that ever made me hate snitches. Cast includes nearly unrecognizeable Lance Henrickson plus the guys who played Perry White & Mr. Kent from "Lois & Clark" as U.S. Marshalls. Jerry Orbach might actually be the hero of the film.

Yuri B (mx) wrote: Damn the critics... I thought it was funny... especially with chemistry with Goldblum!