Wedding in Blood

Wedding in Blood

Lucienne Delamare and Pierre Maury are having an affair. Lucienne's husband Paul is the mayor, and a French deputy. Pierre's wife Clotilde has been weak and sickly for years. Lucienne's husband holds no excitement for her, and he is always away in Paris on business. Pierre is now the vice-mayor, thanks to Paul. Lucienne and Pierre have a secret meeting spot by a lake along a country lane. Pierre's wife dies suddenly, by suicide the town gossips believe. Pierre confesses otherwise to Lucienne. Paul proposes a shady land deal which will "benefit the town", and wants Pierre's political support and collusion. Then Paul discovers proof of his wife's affair...

Lucienne Delamare and Pierre Maury are having an affair. Lucienne's husband Paul is the mayor, and a French deputy. Pierre's wife Clotilde has been weak and sickly for years. Lucienne's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon B (ca) wrote: Better than the first... can we purge these movies now?

Angelo Dean B (br) wrote: Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck on one movie, is interesting just the cast was enough to make me stay with the movie til the end, wasn't the best one, but was good enough for me. 2.5 Stars mates

Brett C (ru) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:The Class is an excellent film that explores the difficulties of being a teacher. The whole film takes the point of view from the side of the teacher, and I found this to be interesting as most films would take on the student's point of view in order for the audience to easily relate. The Class successfully made me sympathise and empathise for the struggles that teachers have to go through. The film also accurately depicts students quite accurately and not be boxed in by the stereotypes that are commonly found in school student characters. The film's cinematography takes a hand-held approach, giving the audience a more personal view of the situation. It constantly follows the action of the scene, and is combined with cuts that goes back and forth between our protagonist and the students. I never really noticed the film's score, i'm not even sure if there was a score but it never really needed it as the acting, and story alone creates that sense of drama and tension. Francois Begaudeau plays our protagonist, Francois Marin, and he did a wonderful job in capturing the difficulties and internal frustrations of being a teacher. Laurent Cantet has made a strong film that touches on a perspective that isn't generally used on film. By the end of the film, it made me think back of my high school days and the difficulties that my teachers had to go through in order to get the students to learn and grow. I do thank my teachers for what they have done for me, because without them, I wouldn't be where I am now.

Chrish71 C (it) wrote: The slow motion walk into the camera was misused, and became a distraction. The ONLY time it should have been used was at the end, when stuff was exploding in the background. That alone was enough to really hurt the quality of this film, but the whole movie was so lackluster and not very well written or acted. Mark Wahlberg is hit and miss with me and this was a definite miss...

Emily A (nl) wrote: Just take it for what it is.

Ismail J (au) wrote: greg are so handsome pls be my boyfriend

Seth R (us) wrote: This movie is really surprising. I think it could be described as both interesting and good, however, probably more interesting than good. While the title is poor choice of translation, the actual name of the movie is closer to "A Funny Story about 6 and 9". The movie has a grimy quality to it that really draws in its viewers. The plot, or story line rather, steals the show. There are so many surprises and twists and clever points that weaknesses in acting and editing can be overlooked. I would by no means suggest this everyone, fans of Tarantino and dark comedies should definitely check out this foreign gem.

Christine P (jp) wrote: I like this one. The guy who played her boyfriend was awesome. What happened to him?

Stuart K (es) wrote: After Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) was a big success, Hammer found themselves with a deal with Warner Bros. who offered to produce the next few Dracula films with Hammer as well as a few others. It was the chance of a lifetime, and this Dracula has more from it's star than last time, and more bloodshed. It has been a year since Dracula (Christopher Lee) was defeated, but the people in the village surrounding Dracula's castle still live in fear, despite Monsignor Ernest Muller (Rupert Davies), who is visiting the villages church, insisting they have nothing to fear, he and the Priest (Ewan Hooper) go up to the castle and manage to accidentally bring Dracula back to life. Muller returns to the city of Kleinenberg, where his niece Maria (Veronica Carlson) is dating baker Paul (Barry Andrews), who is an atheist, much to Muller's disgust. But, it's not long before Dracula follows Muller to his house, and starts to prey upon his neice, and he uses local tavern girl Zena (Barbara Ewing) to get close to Maria, but Muller and Paul have to face up to the evil count. It's a good one, not as good as the previous entry, or the ones that followed, (all 5 of them), but Lee gets to speak this time around. It benefits from having renowned cinematographer Freddie Francis as director, as he has a good eye for directing as he did when he lensed them.

David F (au) wrote: The continuing adventures of Harry Palmer, bespectacled master spy played with droll aloofness by Michael Caine. Although the Palmer series is thought of as a more deadpan version of the Bond series, this particular chapter owes a lot to the better known franchise, with an outrageous over the top performance by Ed Begley as a maniacal Texas anti-communist bent on making the cold war a little hotter. The real attraction though is Caine himself surrounded by ultra-mod Finnish furniture and bleak winter landscapes - so cool he's practically inert. Any passing resemblance to Austin Powers is not accidental.

Chance F (us) wrote: Excellent film from John Ford..adapted from 4 Eugene O'neil plays. Very artfully done and beautifully shot by Greg Toland. I imagine this film polarized a 1940 audience. Filled with great charcter actors of the era.

Kyle C (jp) wrote: Very sweet story about falling in love, is it real or is it magic. It has some very funny scenes but also has a very big heart.