Wee Geordie

Wee Geordie

Geordie is a Scots lad sent to the Melbourne Olympics to represent Britain in Hammer-Throwing. He insists on wearing his kilt...

Geordie is a Scots lad sent to the Melbourne Olympics to represent Britain in Hammer-Throwing. He insists on wearing his kilt... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tasmina C (de) wrote: whats with his dreams/hallucinations, if it weren't for those i might have liked it better

Isaac W (ca) wrote: the cars are not bad there, this kind of film should be in Germany.

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David D (au) wrote: The best version of the story I'd say

Kerby H (kr) wrote: It's an uplifting story with good actors and is overall a great movie. The science enthusiasm and the coal storyline drove the plot well, and the performances rounded it all out.