Week-End in Havana

Week-End in Havana

A ship company employee, Jay Williams, is sent to Florida where one of the company cruise ships is stuck on a reef off of the coast. He obtains waivers from all of the passengers with the exception of Nan Spencer, a department store salesgirl who wants her vacation NOW, not later. Jay is instructed to take Nan to Havana and set her up in the best hotel and keep her entertained. She visits a night club where the star attraction is Rosita Rivas, and meets Rosita's worthless manager, Monte Blanca, who makes a play for her. Trouble also comes in the form of Jay's fiancée, Terry McCracken, when a romance develops between Nan and Jay. Written by Les Adams

Nan Spencer is on a boat bound for Havana which runs aground. The man sent to rescue her is engaged and she doesn't understand his disinterest. Gambler is interested, to the annoyance of his girlfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire M (kr) wrote: It wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible. I think Nat is a cutie pie so I wanted to watch this movie. Don't know if I'd watch it again but maybe

Agata K (us) wrote: If you're a fan of rap it's a must see.

Tim S (de) wrote: Pretty corny and stereotypical.

Kevin H (mx) wrote: This movie was a lot different from other vampire movies and I think that's what makes it so good. I figured it was about capturing an evil vampire and they do tests on it until it escapes and attacks everyone. Its really about a vampire just trying to stay alive in an unfriendly environment and is tested on by a mad scientist.The idea of a intelligent vampire is brilliant and the plot of how the doctor pleads with the scientist to leave the vampire alone really shows how the "demon" isn't always the creature of the night.It seems the reason this movie got such a bad rap was because its not for the stupid people. You have to be smart and socially aware to enjoy a movie like this.Very underrated movie...4 out of 5

rob S (us) wrote: its ok. not good not bad but ok

Chris M (au) wrote: The movie slowly, almost without you noticing, morphs from a very sad tale to one filled with love, fun and hope. A bonus if you like to cook and enjoy food.

Eric O (ag) wrote: could have been a decent (not good, decent) idea, but pretty poor execution

J L (mx) wrote: good movie but not 1 i can watch over again.

Caesar M (de) wrote: Dragonslayer is an interesting film in Disney ridiculously large catalogue of family films. For starter, it's a more realistic take on a typical fantasy story, contains partial nudity, some blood and gore, and no memorable characters. It says something when the best remember element of the film is a special effect that isn't on screen for much of it duration leaving a bigger impact than anything else with longer exposure. It has some intelligent ideas and semi-subvert dark take on an overuse formula, but it's characters and actors hold it back from greatness. Dragonslayer is about a young wizard apprentice sent to kill a dragon which has been devouring girls from a nearby kingdom. Now the way the film is set up is also it biggest downfall. It build up is done right in sparingly showing the dragon and creating its image as this big menace that is seemingly invincible. Giving the world a true sense of danger as the dragon unprecedented timing of attack raises fear. Leading to characters to pursue any option possible from a gaining helping from a bumbling sorcerer's apprentice to a so call..."Virgin Lottery" (brought to you by Disney) to sacrifice to the dragon. Seeing the influence the dragon has over the kingdom holds your attention and so does the dragon when he appears on screen. While also doing away with some narrative points in its genre that prevents it from being part of the norm. Maintaining it's overall dark tone with deaths being prevalent throughout even for major characters you expect to survive. It characters bog down some of it more complicated religious and politics subjects. As mention earlier the "Virgin Lottery" (brought to you by Disney) is challenged making a statement against Authoritarian. This plot point correlates some religious ideals. It's not the inherent quality of the belief (or tool, or skill, or invention) that determines whether it's good or bad, it's how it is used. Then there are the human characters that are a mixture of cheeky comedy, satire, and seriousness minus a balance. Much like the actors that play them, they aren't compelling as if their performances were meant for different films. Peter MacNicol is not a capable, commanding presence. He is barely more masculine than the female lead and probably a few octaves higher. MacNicol looks and acts exactly like his character should even if he is the star of the film he always fits with the cast without standing out. However, he fails to make the hero compelling with his clumsy transition between comedy and drama. Ralph Richardson performance is artificial with his limited screen time. Richardson dies in two scenes in the film coming across as an old man bad role play of a cheesy fantasy board game. Caitlin Clarke is fair playing against gender type with her character. She's able to conceal an important trait of her character physically and verbally, but once that trait is revealed she plays naturally in a routine love interest going through the rocky, a dragon is trying to kill me motion. John Hallam plays the obligatory rival with no redeeming value. Whenever he's on screen he has one mindset; I'm angry. Peter Eyre is both hilarious and pathetic, as a king who can think of nothing more forceful than bleat. Chloe Salaman is okay as the film progresses so does her performance improves with material that gives her character some emotional turmoil to showcase. As a whole the acting is fair, but limited by the material giving the actors a hard time when deciding to switch direction. Matthew Robbins textures his film with muted brooding colors for the coarse-flavored peasant environment to the more brightly-colored dragon sequences. Effects-wise the film sometimes shows it age in some poor blue-screen rendering, especially in the big climactic action scene. The dragon is a mix of richly detailed animatronics and stop-motion animation, to produced a monster that shown realistically in close-ups, yet could be given motion in a wider shot with little difficulty. And though there are moments when the inevitable choppiness of stop-motion work shows on the whole it still looks menacing. Probably the best marriage of old and new might be to use digital techniques to erase the telltale signs of a stop-motion or other type of puppet, allowing the tiny model to move as fluidly as a "real" creature. A minor but vital character to the film's design is fire, and there are several distinct colour schemes - the blazing amber-redness of the dragon's breath, the swirling green that signals the rebirth of sorcerer Ulrich, and the bluish-amber in the pools of intense heat which pepper the dragon's cavernous lair. As for the confrontation between human is dragon is realistic as the hero has a difficult time even holding his own against the dragon with good weapons. Dragonslayer is darker than most of Disney live action films, but also missing are some compelling leads that made some of their classics widely remembered. It subvert from the norm of Disney with it dark themes and a more gritty take on fantasy that doesn't pander (much) to what viewer expects. While none of the actors or characters ever share the glory as the special effect driven dragon it has other elements worth getting into.

Mark W (gb) wrote: This was quite an awful film.... Now I've seen my share of crazy weird ass movies, but at least some of them are so weird there good! This film just failed to deliver in many ways! A meteor that changed a rather innocent looking boy into a deformed and hairy monster! Overall it was an all round bad movie and lets be honest a western horror mix should never be attempted ever again!

Pamela D (au) wrote: Three excellent, thoughtful and creepy vignettes. A real gem!

Faisal A (mx) wrote: Displaying boobs, brawn, and brain Angelina Jolie renders a splashy performance. The ingredients are in place for a movie that could be a blast. But it sadly fails during execution. Delivers a rollicking good time, and doesn't aspire to more.

Ken M (nl) wrote: Got a chance to see this on Netflix recently. It was a fun movie. A rip off of just about every "Meet the Parents" type movie but still entertaining annoying in some parts but still a fun watch for me.

Hector S (ru) wrote: they were all good films but this one is the least favorite. it just felt very rushed and just the outcome was disappointing in some levels. but in general it's a good movie to watch with some friends.

Tom L (au) wrote: a true skate movie with real skaters (most of) in awesome scenes!