Weekend aan Zee

Weekend aan Zee

Four girl friends in their late twenties go on a reunion weekend to the sea, to the house where they spent their teenage years. What should have been a convivial gathering deteriorates into...

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Weekend aan Zee torrent reviews

Countess N (ca) wrote: I was really enjoying this movie until the blasted stupid horror channel missed off the ending!!! This is too much...last week my horror movie turned into Alien Nation for the last 40 minutes and now no bloody ending...not happy!

David G (ru) wrote: It seemed like a good movie, with interesting multiple voices overs, decent photography and unexpected ending... But the sappy overwrought emotional undertones with insistent guitar strings and repetitive trembling chins was too much for my sensitivity.

Alethea M (us) wrote: Oh Ellen Pompeo why did you take this role? This movie really wasn't good at all. Too bad. The title for this film should have been different aswell. There were no parties involved!!

Amy M (gb) wrote: Cautionary tale about cheating on your spouse or scamming people out of their money. Loved it. Good revenge film with great actors.

Private U (mx) wrote: Best Pamela Anderson movie...Why? Cause there's 2 of her! thats 4 big breastasis!!!!

Ronda G (mx) wrote: Not as good as the first movie.

Michael N (jp) wrote: This should be perfect, but the Gene Roddenberry script just fails. With that said, the tone of this film is incredible and way ahead of it's time. It's impossible not to think about Heathers when watching this. Rock Hudson fucking a bunch of high school girls and then killing them should be the greatest movie ever made. The cast is uniformly excellent, especially Angie Dickinson. I just wish the script was able to keep up with the promise of the plot and the casting. So worth watching, though. You'll never understand how it even got made.

David P (ca) wrote: Not as good as the TV show. Some memorable moments, but overall ok at best

Cynthia S (jp) wrote: The movie left out some critical details, and left you, at the end, saying "HUH?? - How could it possibly end HERE?" It's almost like the producers ran out of time or money, and had to stop before the movie was over! Otherwise, it was an ok movie. I wish, for the victims sake, that it had been better produced. I suppose it's okay for a made for tv production

ric I (br) wrote: If nothing else, at least the people of Disney Toon Studios spelled 'dalmatians' right. Actually, this film is childish at worse and solid at best. I like the comic book look that improves upon that of the original's rough xerography, with improved use of color and line. On the negative side, the story doesn't feel very original, and the villain characters return only to make fools of themselves.

Adam R (br) wrote: Cute and funny. It's a pleasant family film. (First viewing - Teen years)

Waleed A (jp) wrote: Horrible in every way. Horrible actors, pointless scenes, stupid script, retarded story

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (au) wrote: Ip Man, awesome, just, plain awesome!

Michael L (mx) wrote: Wow, I thought it was pretty good. Not sure about all the poor ratings..