Wei ni zhong qing

Wei ni zhong qing

Agent 00--at 2'9" the world's smallest secret agent--is assigned to break up a drug ring headed by Mr. Giant. Agent 00 has someone inside the organization who feeds him information. He ...

Agent 00--at 2'9" the world's smallest secret agent--is assigned to break up a drug ring headed by Mr. Giant. Agent 00 has someone inside the organization who feeds him information. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy F (nl) wrote: Troubling documentary about a tough issue in juvenile rehabilitation.

Karthikeyan D (au) wrote: An average spy movie, that won't take you anywhere near the edge of your seat. Brosnan's performance is ok.

Travis H (us) wrote: By far my favorite Direct to DVD/TV movies featuring the Mystery inc Gang. Animation is wonderful, the mystery is great, its darker tone and throwbacks to the original show another other horror films is greatly appreciated, loads of great comic relief, and overall alot of fun.Camp Scare and Abracadabra Doo share the perfect formula for all future Scooby movies, keep them coming.

Ben D (au) wrote: Surprisingly sweet and charming, The Cat Returns is a wonderfully funny fairy tale that never fails to entertain.

Ben H (ag) wrote: Very sad. I felt bad for Stuart Townsend's character. Charlize Theron didn't do a bad job either, her part was very convincing. I kind of wish she had a little "foreign twang" to her to put the cherry on top though. This is why Peneolpe's character was all the way sold with me, I totally bought her. Charlize was good, just wasn't 100% with me. The 2 of them are the reason why I chose to view the film in the 1st place, so good job on the casting directors.I wish I could've seen Penelope a little more though, but she probably wasn't that big 5 years ago like she is now. I did, however, expect something to boil between her character and Stuart's a little sooner than it did, and when it did that was it. I was expecting more of a love triangle story and entanglement between the 3, that's where it felt like the filmmakers were leading the story to. But, it strayed away, and then further away from that idea, which kind of let me down.The movie kept my interest throughout. I'd only watch it again though if like I had a few friends over and they wanted a different feel of a narrative to view. It's one of those poetic sob stories. Like I mentioned before, it's really puts you in a sad mood in the end.The Spanish Civil War is a great subject to shed a little light on, so I'm glad this movie was made. It's a miracle if a movie even makes it to production, let alone getting distribution so the common person has the opportunity to view the film. But it sucks, and I'm living proof of it, that we have to rely on big names to sell most movies. I totally fell into this and decided to view it because of the names in the film. That's just business though, I totally understand.

Matthew P (it) wrote: If Tiptoes had made sense, or if it could keep a consistent tone throughout, it might be worth watching. From scene to scene, and sometimes even during a scene, there is no attempt to maintain a steady flow, or to have the characters perform actions that make sense. There are random moments that go completely against how we think a character would act in any given situation, as well as random moments from other characters that serve absolutely no purpose. The plot revolves around a couple, (Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale), who find out that they're going to have a child. McConaughey's character, Stephen, has neglected to mention that he comes from a family of dwarves, and when Beckinsale's Carol finds out, she begins to worry that her child will end up a dwarf as well. Because that's exactly how dwarfism works. Regardless, Carol finds out about Stephen's "dark secret" when his twin brother, a dwarf named Rolfe (Gary Oldman) shows up at her doorstep. Thus begins the characters' attempts to deal with the issues of family dynamics, prejudice and absolutely nothing else. I must first question why Gary Oldman was cast in the role of a dwarf. If it was so that the film could get another star, so that it could make money, then the marketing team failed. Tiptoes didn't make much money, wasn't heavily promoted, nor did it even get a theatrical release. If it was Oldman that wanted to be a part of it, because playing a dwarf would be fun, a challenge, or get him more credibility as an actor -- well, I can't speak for the first two, but the third assumption definitely didn't pan out to be true. I'll give him this though: He definitely does disappear into the role. This is helped by the fact that watching him walk around on his knees is really funny to watch, so we don't really care who's doing it. There are a couple of scenes where the camera actually gives us a full body look, where CGI was used to get rid of his actual legs. It looks terrible. There's also a scene where his character lies on a couch, and the fake legs used here also stand out way more than they should. Continuing on with the problems the film has is the baby that ends up being birthed. (And for those wondering, yes, the baby does end up coming into this world. Spoiler alert!) There are shots of the baby's face, but whenever the "baby" actually has to interact with the characters, it's incredibly obvious that it isn't a real baby. It seemed like it was just a bunch of blankets wound together tightly, because the "baby" doesn't move at all, and is passed around from person to person seemingly without having weight. There are also a couple of characters that serve very little purpose to the overall story. Patricia Arquette plays a drunken hippie, who gets picked up off the side of the road by Rolfe's best friend, Peter Dinklage. (Here giving us a terrible French accent). They tag along throughout the entire movie, but are there for no reason. Dinklage spews something about being a Marxist, and that he also hates America, but once again I found myself questioning his inclusion. Eventually, their characters disappear, and then we never hear from them. People also seem to act without reason all throughout the film. There's one scene where Stephen ends up on the phone with Carol. He decides to end the call early, and subsequently throws his phone as far as possible. Why? To show that's mad? We've already gotten that from the way he was speaking to his wife-to-be, so there is no purpose in chucking your phone. Plus, he's definitely going to regret that action later, whether or not the film wants to address that. (It doesn't). I suppose I just don't understand the purpose of this particular film. If it was trying to get me to not be prejudiced, then why would it have its characters switch back and forth on the issue themselves? If it wanted to entertain me, then it would have actually had a plot to follow, or characters to care about. And if it wanted to make sense, it could have with some consistency added into the mixture. After seeing Tiptoes, you begin to wonder how the actors involved chose to get involved with the project. Surely they weren't that starved for money or attention. Given the promotion (or the lack thereof), I don't think that they got either from this movie. A challenge is just about the only thing that I can think of as to why they would take part in something like this. It's dull, makes little sense, and gives the audience nothing to think about or take from it.

Mark N (de) wrote: Mitch Pileggi as an electricity based man who kills from beyond the grave. Sounds wonderful no? Maybe for a dark super hero/villain kinda thing but with too small a budget and too few ideas the movie never really takes off.

Jonathan A (de) wrote: Story of Argentinian socialite Camila O'Gorman and her affair with a Catholic priest. Engaging on paper, as it is one of the more primary and authentic examples of real-life forbidden love, but in technique, it's a rather ordinary film. The atmosphere however, is tangible and once the film reaches for verisimilitude in it's drama, that's when it works. Will forever remain a staple of Spanish classrooms nationwide.

Haarial Z (gb) wrote: I love this film. A true gem of German cinema. The issues highlighted in this 1976 movie set in Munich is prevalent in lots of the cities in developing nations today.

Dena S (nl) wrote: was reading about Elizabeth Bthory and thought i might watch a movie about her

Juston C (mx) wrote: I can't beleive this was considered shocking at some point n time...I could barely stay awake...a complete waste of time.

John C (us) wrote: Compelling and exciting war film revolving around the bombing of Pearl Harbor. To say it's far superior than the Michael Bay opus is an understatement!

Paul D (mx) wrote: It's not a bad premise, but it never really gets going with two lost souls finding each other, however the plot is never really built upon and it ends before it feels like it has started.